So, this is my first post

I’ve had a myspace blog for a long time, but I can’t remember the last time I used myspace, so the blog is there, doing nothing in cyberspace. And it’s linked to my real identity. I’d been half-heartedly considering setting up a new blog on a proper blog site, but never got around to doing it. I think that’s partly because there’s still a little bit of me that thinks blogs are a bit narcissistic. Why would anyone think the rest of the world wants to read their thoughts? What makes me think my thoughts are worth publishing?

The other day I published something on facebook and somebody whose opinion I very much respect asked me why I didn’t have a blog yet. So that was the trigger for this. Blame him. I have chosen to keep this blog anonymous and I ask those of you who know my real identity to please respect my choice. I work in a public sector job and if readers don’t know who I am, that gives an added level of security and confidentiality to the service users I work with. I will state here and now that if I do talk about work, service users will be mentioned in very vague terms and I will be doing all I can to disguise their details to make them non-identifiable. This could entail changing ages, conditions, locations and other details while keeping the gist of the post the same.

I will be using this blog to talk about the things I think about. That might be my job, my trade union activism, how much I hate this Government, what it’s like to be a cyclist in this city, feminism, cake, what it’s like to be in a long-distance relationship with a man so lovely I feel like smiling just because he exists (when I told him I was starting a blog he asked me not to embarrass him. I seem to have blown that already), things I like on telly, books I am reading – anything at all that passes through my jumbled messy attic of a mind. I’m willing to discuss and debate but I’m not willing to be abused on my own blog – if you want to make a comment, fine. If you just want to call me a cunt, fuck off and set up your own blog for abusing people on the internet. I should say now that I do swear, quite a lot, especially when agitated. Given that I hang out on cycling forums, I’ve picked up some quite creative swears (thank you Charlotte for fuck-haired imbecilic cockwomble) and I’m not afraid to use them. I don’t think swearing is the sign of a small vocabulary. Face it, I know the normal words and the swear words!

I’m still getting used to how this site works so I might make technical errors. Point and laugh, I don’t care. The person who never made a mistake never made anything. (Aren’t clichés great?)

I think that might be all for now. Shall I get on with the proper blogging?


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