People who park like fuds, part 1

According to the Highway Code, parking on the pavement is prohibited except where expressly permitted, and parking within 10 metres (32 feet) of a junction is prohibited unless in a designated parking space. As I walk and cycle around Edinburgh I see people ignoring these rules, usually so that they can get to the bookies’ by my office five seconds quicker. It really really pisses me off. Parking so close to – or on – a junction makes it very difficult for people to pull out of the side street safely, and when you’re on a bike, you want to be absolutely sure you can see what’s coming because you don’t have a metal cage around you. And now a little garage has opened under the railway bridge near one of our offices (I will refer to it as The Arches, in a Phil Mitchell voice) and their owners/employees/patrons* are parking on the pavement. One of my colleagues saw a woman having to push her child’s pushchair into the main road to get round the Range Rover on the pavement. We’ll be phoning the police every time we seem them parked on the pavement. Maybe in the future I will do a blog about the tyranny of the car and the sense of entitlement it engenders in some people, but for now I give you People Who Park Like Fuds (Part One).

*I don’t know which; it could be any or all of them.


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