You know when Superman goes flying through the air with his arms out in front?

I did that this morning, but it wasn’t through the air, it was across tarmac, and my feet were still attached to the pedals. I said some bad words.

I’ve not been cycling for the past few weeks because it’s been icy and cycling on ice really scares me. But it rained all night and it looked quite mild so I thought I’d give it a go. Was going along the Innocent and it was fine – none of the usual dark icy hollows were dark or icy and  all went well until just east of the little bridge over the burn before the gates before Duddingston Road West. All of a sudden I was flat on my front, and sliding and sliding and sliding. I don’t know when the bike and I came apart. I knew straight away I was in a wee bit of pain so I lay on my front swearing loudly until I could sit up again, then knelt up for a while swearing loudly until I thought I could stand up. That was tricky because I’d hit a massive icy patch – more like slush than ice.

I managed to limp round to our community equipment stores which is in the industrial estate behind the wall and went to check myself over – grazes and bruises mainly, and some hip pain. Decided to try to walk the remaining mile and a half and hadn’t even got as far as the chicances when I stopped being able to walk,. Hobbled back to Stores, stuck the bike in the warehouse, and the rapid response driver gave me a lift to A&E. Not the best choice of vehicle – climbing in and out of a transit van isn’t easy with a dodgy hip but he wouldn’t let me sit in the back.

A&E X-rayed me because they thought I might have a fractured pubic ramus, but the X-rays are all fine so it’s almost certainly just muscular. They’ve given me a stick – the nurse laughed when he brought it and I stood up with my arm in position to be measured for it – and gave me an ibuprofen the size of my head which has taken the edge of things. I have to rest it for a couple of days and then do some gentle range of movement stuff with it. Am hoping to be back at work on Thursday.

Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch.


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