Still glad of the stick

Well, ten or eleven days post-off, how are things?

The pain continued to be pretty bad for most of last week. Couldn’t sit, stand, or lie comfortably, and the movements required in changing from any position to any other position were exquisite agony. Met a couple of friends for a pizza on the Thursday before Christmas (22nd?) in Prezzo restaurant, part of Aldo Zilli’s business empire. Had to use the loo. Didn’t fancy the long narrow twisty flight of stairs down to the loos so decided to use the accessible loo on the ground floor. Door blocked by a bin, door locked. Asked waitress to let me in, she had to unlock it with a knife. Once in, the toilet was like the Trainspotting toilet if you let it dry out for six months. Unusable. Struggled, crossly, up and down the stairs and sent ranty email to the company about their requirements under the Equalities Act.

On Saturday, Christmas Eve, I was on my way to Yorkshire for Christmas with my family. Friend kindly helped me to the station, carrying my stuff down the stairs from the flat for me and dropping me off in the station. Managed to get help to get bag on to both trains (one connection) but not off, so struggled with that. Hip was just about singing a tune by the time I got there. Mum’s house has no banisters and the stairs are steep and narrow – good job my stick on stairs technique is pretty good! On Boxing Day we went into town and I walked the length of the main street and back (with stick) so probably 1.5-2 miles, and was just knackered afterwards. Got home, fell asleep in chair.

On Tuesday my lovely lovely boyfriend arrived and on Wednesday we went into town and went for a walk in the park, which isn’t a huge distance but it was very windy and I was struggling. Very tired and sore afterwards. We came back here yesterday and it was great having someone to help on the train with the luggage, made for a much easier journey although I was still v sore when we got home. This morning we got the bus round to Stores to collect the bike and then walked back with it, which was about 2 miles in total and I was a bit out of sorts afterwards, out of sorts enough that I couldn’t face walking over to the Bike Co-op to look at the sale. Walked about another mile this afternoon which wasn’t very troublesome, but my hip is lightly throbbing now.

It’s easier to find a comfortable sitting position now, but it’s still hard to lie comfortably in any position. Getting into bed, getting out of bed and turning over in bed are still very very sore, twisting is sore, sometimes sitting down and standing from sitting are sore, and sometimes bending is sore. I know they said the x-ray was clear, but the pain I have doesn’t feel like muscle pain, and it feels like the bones are a bit wrong, so I think there is a fracture and it just didn’t show up. It’s very common for pubic ramus fractures to be undetected on first x-ray, and the treatment would be rest, painkillers and mobilise as able, so I don’t think it’s worth going back to A&E although they said to go back if it wasn’t better in a week. I’m getting about the house without the stick, other than first thing when I’m just up and sore and last thing when I’m tired, and I’m managing stairs much more easily, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable walking outside without it yet. I’m not sure I’m steady enough on uneven ground (and everything is uneven round here, cobbles, holes, knackered tarmac), and I’m tiring quickly, and it acts as a warning to other people that I’m not quick or nimble just now, so I’m sticking with it for now. Ha ha see what I just did there.

I had wanted to go to the torchlight procession tonight but I just wasn’t up to it. And it’s pissing down, so that worked out ok. 😉

In cheerier news, my lovely lovely boyfriend is here and will remain here until next Wednesday, and that automatically makes everything better. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Still glad of the stick

  1. Might need to brush up on your definitions of “rest” and “gentle mobilising’? If not better go to GP, at least they’ll keep you supplied with decent pain killers.

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