Alan’s School of Motoring: teaching people to drive like fuds

Alan’s School of Motoring, Edinburgh:

I know there was no way of you knowing that I am recovering from injury and therefore not fast or able to accelerate very well at present, and I realise that you had no way of knowing that my journey today was the first time I’ve done a client visit on my bike since my injury, which did feel like quite a milestone for me (even though it was a shorter journey than my distance to work, but never mind). So, fair enough, you didn’t know that. But let’s just check what you do know.

When driving behind a cyclist approaching a small roundabout at a T-junction, is the correct action

a) stay behind the cyclist at a safe distance until she is clear of the roundabout and then overtake safely when you can?
b) overtake the cyclist on the roundabout where the road narrows so closely that she has to take evasive action by swerving into the road entering the roundabout on her left?

Let’s just check the Highway Code, shall we? What does it say? Let’s see. Oh yes, something about not overtaking on roundabouts and giving cyclists at least as much room as you would give a small car. Not fucking miss them by less than 6″ and frighten them half to death. Instructor in car WR09 HXY, you are a braindead cockwomble with all the road safety awareness of a stuffed paramecium and I hope you never ever ever are allowed to teach anyone to drive ever again. (Although judging by the state of Edinburgh drivers, you taught at least 30% of them).

It’s the second time that has happened to me on that roundabout with a driving school learner under instruction. It has never ever happened with a car that wasn’t a driving school car. What is going on?