Two quick things, entirely unrelated

I had my appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon. Nothing showing on the X-rays. They think I need an arthroscopy, which is keyhole surgery to get a camera in to have a look at the hip joint. Hip joints are quite tightly held together, so they have to put the leg into traction to get the head of the femur out of the hip socket to make space for the camera to go in. Because of a risk of dislocation afterwards, I expect to be on crutches for 6-8 weeks afterwards. How extremely inconvenient.

I really hope they do it under local and let me watch the screen.

In other news, the Olympic Torch came up my street this morning. I took me camera out to see it but didn’t realise the batteries were dead and then had that indecisive “do I have time to go back for batteries, or will I miss it?” I didn’t go back, so of course, I would have had time. I got some crappy video on my phone though.–qGao&

I’m really underwhelmed. I somehow expected more than two crappy orange vans and a bloke in a shellsuit.


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