I am continuing to swim regularly

although not so much this week ‘cos I’ve had a bit of a cold, my ears are blocked and that’s making me quite dizzy at times. But I am managing at least a couple of full 50m lengths of front crawl per session, and my time for 500m is consistently under 20 mins – usually 17 or 18. I did a km in just under 32 mins today, but they had the boom across so lengths were 25m which makes you faster because more of the length is thrust from the end.


I did it I did it I did it!

I just did my first non-stop, continuous, no pauses, no stopping, no swapping to another stroke full 50m length of front crawl. I was hanging to the edge and gasping for breath at the end, but I did it. And then, just to prove it wasn’t a fluke, I did 4 more.

The other night I was at my swimming coaching

and I have finally got the hang of the rotation so I can breathe on both sides. So she gave me new stuff to work on, which I did not get the hang of and everything else went to pot too. But the diving coach asked my swimming coach “why is she having swimming lessons? She’s a lovely swimmer” and that was awesome.

Also awesome was swimming in the diving pool while diving coaching was going on and they put the jacuzzi bubbles on  to soften the water surface in case of diving errors. It was like swimming in a giant jacuzzi and I didn’t even mind when the wash slapped me into the side of the pool.