More swimming

Haven’t been swimming quite as much for the past 10 days. On Hallowe’en I went back to hospital for a steroid injection into my hip joint. It had to be done quite deep into the joint so it was done under guided X-ray to make sure they got it into the right place. They give a local anaesthetic first, which was helpful, but I still flinched several times while he was putting the needle into the joint. He said that was helpful because it lets them know they’re in the right place. It was a senior reg radiologist doing the procedure, and the consultant stuck his head round the door just as he’d injected the guide dye in and said “beautiful” – referring to the position of the needle.

My hip was very sore for a couple of days afterwards and since then has been quite odd – some almost pain free days and some very sore days. I’m hoping the pain free days will become the majority.

And my lovely boyfriend was here for nearly a week, around my birthday, and I preferred to spend time with him rather than swim. So I didn’t go back until Wednesday last week and then Thursday morning. Didn’t go yesterday, for various reasons, but went this afternoon.

I quite like swimming at the Commie on weekend afternoons. (Amusing aside – tweet something including the word Commie and a twitterbot will RT and call it vile calumy. It can’t distinguish between the Commie Pool and “Obama’s a Commie.”) They have the boom across so the lanes are only 25m long, and with my powerful kick I can easily push and glide six or eight yards so I’m much faster than doing 50m lengths. I did 500m in 14m26s today, then did another 550m, total time 31m30s. And the good news is, 900m of it was all front crawl. I did 50m breaststroke as a warm-up and another 50m as a breather half way through, and there was one length I’d started front crawl but had to stop because of people in the way and changed to breaststroke so I could keep going, but other than that, I was front crawling all the way. I’m not fast, and I’m not good, and it’ll never be as easy or natural for me as breaststroke is, but I think I can say I can do front crawl now. Two months ago I could do about 10 yards front crawl; today I did nearly 1km. I’m pretty pleased with that.


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