Today was my penultimate swimming lesson. Well, I suppose I could have more if I want, but I’m not planning on more. We’ve got me able to do front crawl well enough to do lengths, so from now on it’s just about practicing the technique and improving my fitness and stamina. We did some technique work today – arm positioning mainly. I am going to have sore triceps tomorrow. Then we decided to spend some time doing tumbleturns.

I am a clumsy, uncoordinated person at the best of times and my proprioception really isn’t great on dry land, let alone upside-down in water, so I expected it to go very badly, but it wasn’t too bad. I can do the turn but I’m struggling with judging where to do it – I tend to go too soon and end up missing the wall with my feet and not getting any push-off at all. And I have no sense at all of where I am in space – I dunno if I’m pushing off from the bottom or the side or the ceiling. I also struggle to breathe out through my nose while I’m doing it, so half the pool has rushed into my head and is swirling around my brain as I type, like some sort of chlorinated neti wash. After my lesson had finished I stayed in the pool and kept swimming, and practiced the tumbleturns.

I can do them if I’m doing breaststroke. It’s much easier to control my breathing and judge the distance when I’m doing breaststroke, but I’m not supposed to be doing breaststroke. In front crawl, I struggle to get my breathing timed right so I’m breathing in before I turn, and I struggle to judge how far away I need to be from the wall, and to get the distance and the breathing right together.

One more lesson next week – might be able to perfect them then!


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