Tumbleturns seem to have left me

Swam 1950m today. I thought I’d done the full 2km but I made an error with the clicking on my lap counter and didn’t realise until I was out and getting dressed. If I’d still had my cossie on I might have gone back in and done the other 50m but wrestling into a wet costume is too much of a pain.

But, the art of tumbleturns has completely left me. I could not do them at all today. My body was reacting like I’d asked it to do Olympic-level gymnastics and I was just flailing in the water. I could have understood it if it had been towards the end when I was tired, but it was right from the beginning. I dunno why I couldn’t do them today but it was annoying.


One thought on “Tumbleturns seem to have left me

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