After several hours of being on trains today, coming back from having spent Christmas with my dad (Saturday to Monday) and my mum (Monday to today), I got home, dumped my stuff and went for a swim.

No middle lane today so the medium lane swimmers were in the slow lane. I am a slow lane swimmer but I’m still faster than some of the other slow lane swimmers. I was behind a woman today and I was having to deliberately slow myself down so as not to crash into her feet, because the lane was busy and there wasn’t enough space to overtake her. That didn’t stop the cockwomble behind me swimming so fast he crashed into my feet, then tried to overtake me and ended up veering into me because he didn’t have room to overtake me because of the numerous people coming the other way. I pointed out to him that I couldn’t go any faster because of the woman in front of me and I couldn’t overtake because there was no space to overtake, so he would have to stay behind me or move to the fast lane. I bet he drives like that too.

Then, as I was nearly finished, on about length 19, I was front-crawling my way up behind a man who was doing breaststroke. He had quite short shorts on, with quite wide legs, and every time he bent his knees up, frog-style, for his breaststroke legs, I could see his bollocks. For goddess’s sake, men, get longer shorts or narrower-legged shorts, or stick to crawl.


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