I was quite fast last night

Fast for me, anyway – averaged a swimming speed of 2.06 kph. I’ve never averaged above 2 kph before.


I’m definitely getting fitter

I swam 1650m today (I know that’s a weird total, but it’s a mile and then the length back to the getting out end) in 51m29s and was only in the pool for a few minutes under the hour. I was able to keep swimming without a breather for the first km, stopped for a minute or so then, and then kept going til I’d done the distance I wanted to do. I don’t think my swimming is getting much faster now but I can go for longer before I need a breather and I’m nowhere near as tired at the end of the swim. The first time I did 1km and the first time I did 2km I had to sit on the bench in the changing room for five minutes before I could find the strength in my legs to stand up and get dressed. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try for 2.5km.

Something weird happened today

My boss and I were off to see a client and when we arrived at his house, there were two big suitcases and a carrier bag standing on the pavement outside his neighbour’s. They were still there when we came out, an hour later. One small black suitcase with a slightly open pocket stuffed full of grundies, one very full large black suitcase, and sitting on that, one Museum of Scotland carrier bag containing (so far as we could see without poking around in it) a coat, a scarf, some body lotion and a Sade tape. ??? The three bags were tied together with a mini-usb lead.

The neighbour was out so our client phoned him, and he said he didn’t know anything about it. We didn’t really know what to do, so I rang the police, and they said they’d send someone round to collect it, so we humpfed it into the client’s house for the polis to pick up when they have time.

That was much better

Monday and Tuesday’s pre-work swims were hard work. I was sore, tired, achey and found it really difficult. Wednesday I really felt I needed a lie in, and didn’t get home early enough to go after work – if you get there after half fiveish it’s so busy it’s just unpleasant. Tonight I left work just after 4 and was in the pool at 5 past 5, and I enjoyed it so much. 20 lengths, 1km, no aches or pains, swimming reasonably smoothly, pool fairly quiet for the first 10 lengths, only buggered up my breathing once or twice – it was great.

And then I came home and found that someone had viewed this post on my blog by using the search term “sweaty femfresh” and I laughed and laughed because I’m pretty sure that wasn’t what they wanted. πŸ˜€

Ugh that was hard

Got up this morning to swim before work. Got dressed thinking “I don’t feel like it this morning. Shall I go after work instead? What am I doing this afternoon? What time would I be able to get to the pool? Will it be really busy? I should go now. Shall I go back to bed for an hour?” Found myself pulling my hoodie on with one arm and trying to take it off with the other!

Anyway, I went. I was slow, tired, my arms were achey, my elbows were sore so I allowed myself to just do 500m instead of this month’s morning target of 700m, thinking it’s better than not going at all. I was about 3s per length slower than my usual time. πŸ˜€ Once I got out I was berating myself for not staying in and doing the other 4 lengths to make the 700m, but I think I made the right choice


Did 1550m this afternoon. That, combined with the 2km I did yesterday absolves me (in my own mind) for only doing 1300m last week. I didn’t enjoy it much today though. It was mobbed. It’s common for Sunday afternoons to be busy, but usually it’s just the open water and the fun swim with inflatables section – the lanes are generally quiet. There was no fast lane today, just slow and medium, so I suppose that put more pressure on everything.

Yesterday the slow lane was really busy at one point with very very very slow people, and the medium lane was almost empty, so I did a few lengths in the medium lane until it got busy and the slow lane emptied. Today both lanes were mobbed, and mobbed by people with no lane sense. One bloke who was pretty slow was in front of me and even though I gave him a 15m start, I was still right on his heels by the end of the 25m length. And he never once thought to say “you go ahead.” There were other people who for whatever reason would get 5 or 6 metres from the end and then suddenly switch directions and therefore get in the way of people about to set off. And then a little girl got in and proceeded to thrash her way up and down in a fast front crawl (her technique was bloody awful though), barging past people and overtaking where there really wasn’t space, while her mother smiled on indulgently.


I seem to be at an awkward level – too fast for the slow lane and too slow for the medium lane. Plus, I want to do reasonable distances – I don’t want to wear myself out by struggling to keep up in the medium lane and have to stop after 500m. I’d rather do a comfortable pace and do a km. But other people’s lack of awareness doesn’t help.

Less grumbly, there was a little girl in who swam a length of butterfly. She wasn’t particularly good but she could definitely do it. It’s not a stroke you see very often in a public swimming session, and I’ve never seen a child do it before. Good for her. πŸ™‚

Last grumble – I have a spot on my chin that is so big it has stretched the skin so much it has distorted the shape of my chin so I look like Michael Douglas. 😦

Two two two doobydoobydoo

Unlike this post, I actually managed 2km swimming today. According to my lap counter, it took me 59m 46.94s. My average 50m time was 1m 29.67s. My fastest 50m was 1m 19.09s and the slowest was 1m 37.31s. Strangely, that was length 20. Looking at my length times, the first km was generally faster than the second, but the last two or three lengths were still under 90s.

When I say 50m length, the boom was over so it was 2x25m lengths. I just click the lap counter after every 2 lengths to count them as 1x50m. I find there’s less potential for error that way.

I took breathers after every 250m. I think my total time in the water was probably about 1 hour 15 minutes. I’m pretty pleased with what I did today. I didn’t swim much between Christmas and New Year – I was away for a few days, it was closed on Ne’er Day for the triathlon, my lovely boyfriend was here and I didn’t want to drag him along more than a couple of times and we had other stuff to do too. Then the washing machine broke on the 1st and didn’t get fixed until the 7th and I didn’t want the flat to accrue a pile of wet chloriney towels, so I didn’t go last weekend. I went Monday and Tuesday before work but Wednesday morning I was so tired I could not get out of bed at 0545 and I was equally tired after work so I skipped a day. Thursday I was tired in the morning but resolved to go in the evening, but then took a reasonably harrowing phonecall at work just as I was about to leave ended up staying another 40 minutes and by the time I got home the pool would have been so busy I decided to skip it – I really don’t like it when it’s that busy. Yesterday was pretty much the same – did not have the energy to go in the morning, ended up staying later at work than planned. So I was determined to try and manage 2km today to make up for what I missed during the week. I will try again tomorrow for at least 1500m.

My stomach was growling loudly for the last 500m today! πŸ˜€

Speedo Mariner Optical goggles

I’m pretty short-sighted. I think my prescription is about -5.75 in one eye and about -6.5 in the other, plus corrections for astigmatism. I can just about stagger about the flat without specs or contact lenses, but I couldn’t go outside without them – I wouldn’t even make it down the two flights of stairs without breaking my neck. So swimming is more difficult than it would be for people with vision that actually works.

Until now, I’ve been wearing ordinary goggles over my contact lenses, but it’s not ideal. I always worry that if the goggles leak the lenses will fall out and be lost in the pool, plus it’s really not good for contact lenses to wear them in the pool. So I did some googling and found that it’s possible to get prescription goggles for under Β£30 now.

My Lovely Boyfriend got me a pair for Christmas. I checked with my optician what prescription to get, and she recommended -6 in each eye. You can get custom ones, made exactly to your prescription, but they’re much more expensive and that doesn’t seem necessary for swimming.

So, my Speedo Mariner Optical goggles are here and this morning I used them for the first time. The strap was set very tight at the factory and it took me ages to loosen it enough to be able to get the damn things over my head. The strap is also made of quite soft sticky rubbery stuff, so it sticks to my hair. Probably a good thing in terms of stopping the goggles moving around, but makes them much harder to get on/off. Once on, they fit reasonably well and they’re no more uncomfortable than any other goggles.

Vision wise, well, the power of the lenses is a bit of a blunt instrument – they’re not tailored to me in the way that my specs and contact lenses are. I could just about see the numbers on the huge digital clock at the far end of the 50m pool, but my above the water vision was slightly blurry. Underwater, for some reason, it was quite clear. The main difficulty I found was that they gave me an awful headache. I don’t know if it was because the strap was very tight and they were digging in and hurting me, or if it was because the prescription was slightly off, but I had a bad headache after only a few minutes in the water, and felt quite sick with it. It was worse if I took a breather at either end, less bad when I was swimming.

My plan is to loosen the strap off a teeny bit to see if that helps. If it doesn’t help, then I assume the headache is because the lenses aren’t quite right for me and I’ll just need to persevere until my brain adjusts to them. I’m sure it will in time.