Had my review appointment with the surgeon this morning. Told him how the injection had gone and he feels that confirms his diagnosis of the beginnings of osteoarthritis in the joint. He’s hopeful it’ll be a slow progression. We talked about repeating the injections – the effects are not cumulative, and I feel the NHS really isn’t getting value for money for them with me, so we’ve agreed not to do any more. He was delighted to hear about the swimming and the weight loss – 12lbs up to Christmas – and is encouraging me to keep active. Repeated what I already knew – use the painkillers as and when I need them and before activity I know will aggravate things. He doesn’t feel he needs to see me again at this stage, and it’s quicker to get a new appointment than a review one, so he’s discharged me with instructions to go via my GP if and when I want to see him again. If I can get more weight off and get lucky with a slow progression, I’m hoping it might be 15+ years before I have to go back.


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