Two two two doobydoobydoo

Unlike this post, I actually managed 2km swimming today. According to my lap counter, it took me 59m 46.94s. My average 50m time was 1m 29.67s. My fastest 50m was 1m 19.09s and the slowest was 1m 37.31s. Strangely, that was length 20. Looking at my length times, the first km was generally faster than the second, but the last two or three lengths were still under 90s.

When I say 50m length, the boom was over so it was 2x25m lengths. I just click the lap counter after every 2 lengths to count them as 1x50m. I find there’s less potential for error that way.

I took breathers after every 250m. I think my total time in the water was probably about 1 hour 15 minutes. I’m pretty pleased with what I did today. I didn’t swim much between Christmas and New Year – I was away for a few days, it was closed on Ne’er Day for the triathlon, my lovely boyfriend was here and I didn’t want to drag him along more than a couple of times and we had other stuff to do too. Then the washing machine broke on the 1st and didn’t get fixed until the 7th and I didn’t want the flat to accrue a pile of wet chloriney towels, so I didn’t go last weekend. I went Monday and Tuesday before work but Wednesday morning I was so tired I could not get out of bed at 0545 and I was equally tired after work so I skipped a day. Thursday I was tired in the morning but resolved to go in the evening, but then took a reasonably harrowing phonecall at work just as I was about to leave ended up staying another 40 minutes and by the time I got home the pool would have been so busy I decided to skip it – I really don’t like it when it’s that busy. Yesterday was pretty much the same – did not have the energy to go in the morning, ended up staying later at work than planned. So I was determined to try and manage 2km today to make up for what I missed during the week. I will try again tomorrow for at least 1500m.

My stomach was growling loudly for the last 500m today! 😀


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