Did 1550m this afternoon. That, combined with the 2km I did yesterday absolves me (in my own mind) for only doing 1300m last week. I didn’t enjoy it much today though. It was mobbed. It’s common for Sunday afternoons to be busy, but usually it’s just the open water and the fun swim with inflatables section – the lanes are generally quiet. There was no fast lane today, just slow and medium, so I suppose that put more pressure on everything.

Yesterday the slow lane was really busy at one point with very very very slow people, and the medium lane was almost empty, so I did a few lengths in the medium lane until it got busy and the slow lane emptied. Today both lanes were mobbed, and mobbed by people with no lane sense. One bloke who was pretty slow was in front of me and even though I gave him a 15m start, I was still right on his heels by the end of the 25m length. And he never once thought to say “you go ahead.” There were other people who for whatever reason would get 5 or 6 metres from the end and then suddenly switch directions and therefore get in the way of people about to set off. And then a little girl got in and proceeded to thrash her way up and down in a fast front crawl (her technique was bloody awful though), barging past people and overtaking where there really wasn’t space, while her mother smiled on indulgently.


I seem to be at an awkward level – too fast for the slow lane and too slow for the medium lane. Plus, I want to do reasonable distances – I don’t want to wear myself out by struggling to keep up in the medium lane and have to stop after 500m. I’d rather do a comfortable pace and do a km. But other people’s lack of awareness doesn’t help.

Less grumbly, there was a little girl in who swam a length of butterfly. She wasn’t particularly good but she could definitely do it. It’s not a stroke you see very often in a public swimming session, and I’ve never seen a child do it before. Good for her. 🙂

Last grumble – I have a spot on my chin that is so big it has stretched the skin so much it has distorted the shape of my chin so I look like Michael Douglas. 😦


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