Ugh that was hard

Got up this morning to swim before work. Got dressed thinking “I don’t feel like it this morning. Shall I go after work instead? What am I doing this afternoon? What time would I be able to get to the pool? Will it be really busy? I should go now. Shall I go back to bed for an hour?” Found myself pulling my hoodie on with one arm and trying to take it off with the other!

Anyway, I went. I was slow, tired, my arms were achey, my elbows were sore so I allowed myself to just do 500m instead of this month’s morning target of 700m, thinking it’s better than not going at all. I was about 3s per length slower than my usual time. 😀 Once I got out I was berating myself for not staying in and doing the other 4 lengths to make the 700m, but I think I made the right choice


2 thoughts on “Ugh that was hard

  1. Well done on getting up and getting to the pool. This week I had the same, slow struggle…and got to the pool to find I had left my togs at home. Worst possible outcome?!

    • One morning I went and they said “there’s no hot water in the showers, the engineer has been called but we don’t know when it will be fixed.” I did think about going home and back to bed but luckily when I got to the showers they were fine.
      I should really be at the pool now as I didn’t go this morning, but it’s bitterly cold and starting to snow and I just can’t face it. So I have allowed myself the night off on condition I do 2km tomorrow

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