That was much better

Monday and Tuesday’s pre-work swims were hard work. I was sore, tired, achey and found it really difficult. Wednesday I really felt I needed a lie in, and didn’t get home early enough to go after work – if you get there after half fiveish it’s so busy it’s just unpleasant. Tonight I left work just after 4 and was in the pool at 5 past 5, and I enjoyed it so much. 20 lengths, 1km, no aches or pains, swimming reasonably smoothly, pool fairly quiet for the first 10 lengths, only buggered up my breathing once or twice – it was great.

And then I came home and found that someone had viewed this post on my blog by using the search term “sweaty femfresh” and I laughed and laughed because I’m pretty sure that wasn’t what they wanted. 😀


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