The Power Of Female Rage

I do not like what I have seen of Gender Trender. I disagree with almost everything I have seen on it. But I do not agree that the blog should have been shut down.

The Power Of Female Rage.


4 thoughts on “The Power Of Female Rage

  1. not sure on your TW policy but maybe a warning on that link I am cis and have tears in my eyes at the horrible hate speech 😦

  2. I generally don’t do trigger warnings, because – well, a couple of reasons. This blog doesn’t get a lot of views, and I don’t often write about the types of things which are generally assumed to require trigger warnings. And part of me does think that lots of people have a subject which is particularly distressing for them and it might be something generally regarded as triggering, like a description of a violent assault, or it might be something generally regarded as innocuous like the name of a street or a link to a song and there’s no way to cover everything. I try to make each entry’s title reasonably descriptive so that if it’s something that might be obviously triggering it’s easy to tell by the title.

    • Fair comment, it seems from talking to others gender trender is quite well known. I thought it was a cool title and went in expecting some interesting feminist views, as I have found here 🙂 I am not an unequivocal fan of trigger warnings myself, i think i was just so shocked, never having read anything like that before.

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