Big swim today

I swam 2250m today which is the biggest distance I have swum so far. It took me 1 hr 6 mins. It wasn’t particularly fast but my average speed was about the same as it usually is. I was slightly faster than I usually am over the first km and then slowed down, but not drastically, which I think indicates my stamina and endurance are improving. I promoted myself to the medium lane after 1km because the slow lane was very packed with very very very slow people and the medium lane only had one other person in it who was swimming at about the same speed as me.

I was working hard on my rotation today, for the first km at least, and I think that’s what made me faster. It was 25 metre lengths today as the boom was across, and my fastest 50 metres was 1 min 20 sec, which is a couple of seconds faster than my previous fastest. My slowest was about 1 min 44 sec which is about the same as my usual slowest which is always my last length: my last length is always back crawl and my back crawl is very slow.

What I need to think about is how I should be stretching after a swim. I usually don’t and I’m conscious that my arms and back tighten up. I need to do some googling, I think.


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