It’s time for the “soar away” Sun to just fuck off

I’m certain most people are disgusted at the front page of today’s Sun. If you haven’t seen it, don’t bother looking for it. It’s vile. The Sun’s editor decided it’s appropriate to sexualise and glamorise the murder of a woman by her boyfriend. Reeva Steenkamp hadn’t been dead for 24 hours when the Sun filled its front page with a picture of her posing, pouting, in a bikini, with a headline of sensationalised violence. They tried to justify the picture by saying that Reeva was a model. Yes, she was a model, before she was killed. She was also a law graduate, entrepeneur, presenter and campaigner against violence against women and girls. The Sun could have depicted her in any of those guises, but they did what they always do – they went for the wank-mag shot. Even though the poor woman was shot dead the day before, the Sun still thinks readers should have the chance of a quick wank over her picture.

And the thing is, although I’m angry and disgusted, I’m not surprised. This is what the Sun does. This is how they see women. They don’t care about women as individuals, as human beings, as people with talents and achievements and flaws and real lives. All they care about is what women look like, how hot they are, how big their breasts are and how much skin they show.

Do we really need this vile apology for a newspaper? Isn’t it time the whole country said “no more”? The News of the World had to close after the public realised how badly it had behaved. Surely it’s time the public used their power to shut down the Sun.

Some of the Sun’s regular advertisers are BSkyB, Everything Everywhere, Argos, ASDA, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Vodafone and O2. I’ve asked them all to withdraw their advertising from the Sun. Why not do the same?


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