I swam faster than ever today

but only for one length.

I haven’t been swimming much over the past few weeks; I seem to have lost my mojo. So I’ve decided to go three mornings a week and at least one day at the weekend, rather than feel obliged to go every morning and feel bad if I don’t. I went on Monday morning, which was ok, and Wednesday morning. I was very very slow on Wednesday morning, for some reason. I was significantly faster tonight, and I did my fastest ever 50 metre length – 1 min 18 sec. I’ve never done under 1m22s for a 50 metre length before.

I slowed down over the course of my 14 lengths, but that was partly because my shoulder was sore. When I had my bike ice off in Dec 2011 which resulted in a pubic ramus fracture, I hurt my shoulder at the same time. But the pain was very minor compared to what was going on with my hip and I had just put it down to bruising and muscle strain from the fall and didn’t bother doing anything about it. But it never really settled and now, 14 months on, I’m still having problems with it. Most of the time it’s fine but it gets quite sore if I either carry a heavy bag with my right arm, or put all my weight on it (eg turning over in bed) and more and more frequently when I’m swimming. I used to be able to do 300-500 metres before it started to hurt, but now it’s hurting within the first four lengths. The pain feels like it’s coming from just above and below my clavicle and it’s deep, not superficial. I think there’s some impingement going on. A couple of weeks ago I woke up one morning and my shoulder was sore from the minute I woke up and stayed that way for 2 days, then went away as suddenly as it had arrived (the pain, not my shoulder). My range of movement was down to about 15 degrees of flexion and about the same of abduction, so I was having to use one-handed dressing techniques and get things out of cupboards with my other hand. I referred myself to physio a while ago and I have an appointment coming up, but talking it over with a friend who works in elective ortho, she thinks it might need to be scoped.



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