I think I know why I’m swimming faster

I think the source of my new-found speed is my new swimming costume. It has an integral jetpack. My old one has a layer of “figure-flattering” ruched material over the base costume and the ruching layer is past it, and every time I swim in it it sags out and billows and creates a lot of drag.:-D

The most annoying couple in the world were in the pool today. I promoted myself to the medium lane as the slow lane was full of very very slow people and the medium lane was full of very slow people. The most annoying couple in the world were both slower than me, him very very slow and her actually about the same speed as me but limiting herself to his pace. They had the reasonably annoying habit of swimming one length, then standing at the end blocking the end of the lane for a while, then waiting until I was just about to get to the end to turn and setting off in front of me so I was either stuck behind them, unable to overtake as they liked to swim side by side, or waiting at the end until they’d done enough of a distance that I wouldn’t overtake them.

And then he moved over to the slow lane and she carried on in the medium lane but as soon as she got to the far end she would wait for him to catch up and then they would swim back down together side by side in adjacent lanes. I mean, for fuck’s sake, a) if you want to swim side by side, fuck off out of the lanes and into the open water, and b) if you are in lanes of different speeds, swim at the correct speed for the lane rather than slowing down so you can swim side by side with someone in a different, slower lane.


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