My nails are in a right state

All the swimming is wrecking my nails. They’re dry, splitting, flaky and weak. I moisturise my hands umpteen times a day and sometimes I even remember to wear cotton gloves in bed after moisturising last thing at night, but it isn’t making any difference. My toenails are as bad as my fingernails. I’m filing them as short as I can to prevent breaks, but they’re still flaky and splitting.

I know some swimmers stop by this blog occasionally. Any suggestions for how to strengthen my nails?


2 thoughts on “My nails are in a right state

  1. I’m a nail technician and unfortunately, there isn’t that much you can do as prolonger exposure in water will wreck your nails. Try a good strengthener on the nails, the best I’ve found is China Glaze Calcium Gel Fortifier. Apply it once a day and see if that helps. It will act as a barrier at least. 🙂 If not, you could go and have a gel overlay put on your nails. It’s non chip nail polish and might also protect the nails. Let me know how it goes. Gxx

  2. Hi, I guess I’d count as one of those swimmers 🙂 Oddly enough, despite spending all the time in the water that I do, I don’t have any problems with my nails. I tend to keep em fairly short anyway though – long nails and kids don’t mix too well for me. The only thing I can think of might be to increase your calcium intake. Good luck!

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