I think she’s a ninja

There was a woman in the pool today who I have noticed before because she has the smoothest front crawl I have ever seen. She’s not particularly fast, faster than me definitely, but still in the slow lane, but she is absolutely splashless. Seriously, you see her moving through the water like a shark, or a swan or something, just moving steadily and the water parts around her and she does not make a single splash. I never feel like I’m very splashy, although it’s hard to tell about your own stroke, and there are certainly some very splashy people doing front crawl, but she is silent. I think she’s a ninja.

I did 1600m today in about 45 minutes. My fastest length was 1 min 14s. It was 50m lengths today so I was very pleased with that fastest length; it’s the fastest I’ve ever done for a 50m length. I have done under that for 2x25m a few times. I was tiring towards the end and I usually like to slow right down for my last 2 or 3 lengths as a cool-down but I had to keep the pace up because I wanted to finish by 1530. The club swimmers come in at 1530 and if I hadn’t finished by then I’d have had to change lanes as the slow lane I was in was about to become a club lane, and they would have swum right over me. (Or, you know, asked me to move). I finished with 15s to spare. In your face, club swimmers!

I don’t often do more than a km in 50m lengths. It’s only set to 50m during the week and I rarely have time to do more than a km then. At weekends, when I have the time to do longer distances, it’s usually set to 25m lengths. So I was pleased to see I didn’t slow down very much after the first km. The Commie will be shut for a significant chunk of April because of swimming comps and the Fina World Series diving comp (got tickets for all the finals for that!) and I doubt I’ll have the motivation to trek to Warrender, especially as it’s a small pool and it will be busier because of the Commie being shut, so I will try to do more lengths in every session while it is still open.


2 thoughts on “I think she’s a ninja

  1. Haha, love this post 🙂 Minimal splashing is good – less resistance makes for an easier swim. Well done for keeping your speed up.

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