Daily Mail completely missing the point

I emailed the Daily Mail yesterday to express my disgust at their front page. They responded to me today.

Thank you for your email.

We consider it vitally important that all the correspondence from our readership – whether or not for publication – is properly assessed.

We welcome all comments from our readership- both positive and negative- and appreciate the opportunity to consider and note your comments. However, I hope you saw the Mail’s comment article published on page 14 of the paper today.

If not, I enclose an extract which I think fully explains our view on this issue.

Let it be absolutely clear that this paper has huge sympathy with those, leading utterly decent lives, who have fallen on hard times and genuinely need to take advantage of the State’s safety net.

But it is naïve to deny that many like Philpott revel in abusing the system.

Can the Left not understand how it feels for an office cleaner, setting out for the early shift, to know that her feckless neighbour will still be in bed, long into the afternoon, sleeping off his publicly-funded hangover from the night before?

Or the father, thrown out of work by the recession and desperately searching for a new job to support his family. Is it any wonder if he reviles the likes of Philpott, who breed only for the extra money they can make from benefits?

Then there are those too racked by illness to work. What a monstrous insult it is to them that, in a recent clampdown, 750,000 claimants of benefits intended for the genuinely sick have been proved fit for work – while 878,000 stopped claiming rather than face a fresh medical.

But the most disturbing lesson from the Philpott case, understood most keenly by those who have witnessed the benefits trap at first hand, is how an over-generous welfare system can feed everything vile and base in a human being.

Indeed, the case is a cautionary tale, written in letters a mile high.

How telling that, in its front-page report, one Left-wing paper couldn’t even bring itself to mention Philpott’s exploitation of our bloated welfare state.

Once again thank you for taking the time and trouble to contact us.

Yours sincerely


Managing Editors’ Office

Daily Mail

Needless to say, I don’t think that’s an adequate or appropriate response. Arseholes.



2 thoughts on “Daily Mail completely missing the point

  1. Best not to waste your time and effort, it’s a fascist paper that plays to the lowest common denominator of xenophobic, covert racist, narrow minded, smug “I’m alright, Jack” people who probably think The Mail is balanced!

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