Went to see the physio today

When I fell off my bike and broke my pelvis, I also hurt my shoulder. But at the time, I figured it was just bruising and a bit of muscle strain and the pain in my hip which then turned out to be a fracture was so severe and took so long to get sorted that I never thought to mention my shoulder. But the pain never really went away and as I’ve been swimming more, the pain has been more of a problem. And then one weekend at the end of February I woke up on the Saturday morning and the range of movement in my shoulder was about 15 degrees of flexion and slightly more of abduction and it really really really hurt. It’s a weird pain, it feels like something pinching deep behind my right clavicle.

So I referred myself to physio and went along today. He did a really thorough assessment of the strength and range of movement in my shoulder and couldn’t find anything obvious wrong. I was mightily chuffed when he said I had shoulder movements very typical of swimmers – I’m a bit tight at the ends of the ranges, and my anterior muscles are tight – because although I swim often it hadn’t really occurred to me I was doing enough to be identifiable as a swimmer by my muscle issues! So he’s given me stretches to do and we agreed I’d do those for a couple of months and if it gets worse or doesn’t improve I can ring and go back, but otherwise we’ll leave things as they are. So I’m going to go and do them now.


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