Speedo Optical Mariner goggles hmph

Went for a swim this afternoon, intending to do 1500 metres or so. Managed 100 metres.

Got in the water, put my Speedo Optical Mariner (prescription) goggles on, set off. My right eye filled up with water. Got to the end, adjusted them, set off, same problem. Stopped at the end, looked properly (as properly as you can when your eyesight is dreadful and you’re looking at the things that help you see instead of through them), realised the silicon seal from around the lens was missing. No idea where or when it came off between getting out of the pool yesterday evening and getting in this afternoon. Went to locker to check rucksack but couldn’t see it. Decided to try with old ordinary goggles as eye protection not eye correction, but the clippy plastic thing to hold the strap in place flew across the room. Tried with no goggles at all but the combination of not being able to see and the water making my eyes sore made it impossible. So I got out and came home in a grump, having swum 100 metres. And I won’t be able to swim again until the new goggles I have ordered arrive.

I am really cheesed off. I don’t understand how the seal has come off – I’ve just tried to take the remaining seal off the other lens and it didn’t exactly just fall off in my hand. Can’t see anywhere that sells just replacement seals either. Swimming’s the only thing (apart from medication) that removes the pain in my hip and if I don’t go at least every other day I get very sore. I’ll be having a painful week.


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