Still, it was nice to have some time off

My relationship is a long distance relationship. I live in Edinburgh and my lovely boyfriend lives in Chelmsford. He usually comes here, but sometimes I go there. I went there last week for a few days. I wasn’t particularly well; I had a nasty cold and so we didn’t do much. Also, the weather was pish for the first couple of days. But it picked up on Sunday and we went to Brightlingsea

A photo depicting a shallow swimming pool separated from the sea by a low wall. There is a lighthouse in the distance

Brightlingsea outdoor seaside pool

where unfortunately they appeared to be having a festival of flies. We got nice chips and ate them on the seafront. The beach huts are very pretty

The photo shows a man facing the camera. The sea is on his left. On his right is a row of wooden beach huts in various colours

Beach huts at Brightlingsea

and we had a look online when we got back to see how much they go for. At least £15k seems to be about the going rate.

We walked past this building which was so striking with its rusty colours.

A corrugated building, rusted in various colours

Rusty building

Then we went over to Mersea Island where the flies were less numerous and the beach huts were prettier.

Mersea Island beach with pastel beach huts in the background

Mersea Island

They look like sugared almonds.

A pastel pink wooden beach hut with other pastel huts behind it

Pastel beach huts at Mersea Island

The tide was over the causeway as we were leaving so we had to wait a while for it to clear.

Marshland in the foreground, sea with a small sailing boat in the background

View from the causeway

I still wasn’t feeling at all well so we went home and sat out in the garden. Boris, the most beautiful but the laziest cat in the whole world dragged himself from his indoor bed(s) to come and see us.

A tabby cat, lying down but looking alert


Tabby cat sitting up

Boris looking more awake than he usually does

And then he took himself off to the bird table.

Tabby cat sitting on a bird table, almost hidden by trees

Boris on the bird table

Unfortunately I still wasn’t well the next day and I made the mistake of sitting in the garden and then falling asleep without sunscreen. I’m one of the pale blue people and I’m usually very careful in the sun, and I burned myself so badly it still hurts today. My face looked like a traffic light, my decolletage is still hot to the touch and my legs have blistered. What a fud. So yeah, with that, and the nasty cold which still hasn’t gone away, I wasn’t at my best, but it was great to have a week off work, some time with my lovely boyfriend, and of course some time with Boris.






One thought on “Still, it was nice to have some time off

  1. Boris is indeed gorgeous.

    Next time Maldon is rather nice and Finchingfield has pastel higgeldy piggeldy houses around a green with a stream and there are boat trips down the river from Sandford Mill.

    Wave next time you’re here 😉

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