The Smell of Bullshit, part 21: more questions about how honest Lush are

Two emails have come into southside socialist at hotmail dot co dot uk this week. The first one is from a staff member quoting some of the discussion on the Lush staff facebook page. I am copying the email here

Here are some comments regarding Lush’s cocoa butter from the staff facebook page.  They make quite interesting reading.

I was shocked to discover at the recent body care training that the majority of the cocoa butter we use is untraceable and may have involved child labour in its production.

Didn’t know that at all XXXXX, very sad to hear
I would hope that Lush would do everything they could to change that…. I know our Shea butter is traceable and wish it was the same with cocoa butter, as we use so much

I was shocked about the untraceable cocoa butter beans at bodycare training too! Ive been a trainee manager for 3 years and that was the first i’d heard of it! I hope there’s no one still in this group who shouldn’t be, as i wouldn’t know where to start explaining ourselves  i think the info at training should be sent to all shops emails so everyone’s aware. I was gutted when i noticed palm oil in our products too – after campaigning against it (before i started) it does feel hypocritical to an extent. Also propalene glycol, a petroleum derived product in our soaps when we sometimes seem to bash the likes if vaseline etc. I realise no company is perfect but we definitely need clarity on these issues to filter down to shop floor staff xx

XXXXX is right, we don’t know for sure if Palm oil is in the product. Labelling it as such would be incorrect.The vast majority of palm has been removed leaving the final push on surfactants to be dealt with. Commodity markets work on a lack of tracebility and we have very little buying power there so things like vegetable oil and cocoa are traded and no clear source can be found. Instead we have worked on examples to break this e.g Peace cocoa where we direct source the beans. For the surfactants it’s not easy, the chemistry involved needs a certain scale of technology and we have been looking for someone who would work with us (we are a relatively small company in surfactants world) to get traceability on the source material. As XXXXX says, we are making headway, but it takes time.

The difficulty with the SLS and some other materials like stearic acid is the fact that the raw materials used to produce the finished product goes through so many chemical processes and changes hands before our manufacturers use them to produce our surfactants. With regards the SLS specifically, the chemical composition means that only coconut and palm kernel oil can be used.

And, another email from someone else regarding some ridiculous PR stunt Lush have been doing this weekend about a world record for kissing, or something. More about that later, but this is the email I received

Hello there!

I have finally plucked up the courage to speak out about what is going on at Lush.
An email came about the world record attempt tomorrow which has some FAQ’s in.
One of the questions is: Can witnesses be people we know?
And the answer?  As long as this is not officially stated on the witness statement then no one will know.  But remember the sole purpose of the witness is to record the number of lip prints and manage the logbook.  They need to witness the event in an unbiased fashion.
So yet again Lush is being economical with the truth.  By using people that are known to staff it is impossible to have impartial counting.  Another event that is taking place with little thought or planning as to how to actually execute the event and make it work.
Thank you.
Cheating to get a meaningless world record for an utterly trivial activity? How pathetic can you get?

35 thoughts on “The Smell of Bullshit, part 21: more questions about how honest Lush are

  1. I had a bit of a to-do this week and I wanted to share it. It’s nothing to do with the post you post above by the way, but it has to do with this ‘Lush Staff Room’.

    I left Lush a few months ago after many years service. I don’t want to talk about that bit – I had a blast for 5 years and left. That’s it. I wanted to talk about an experience I had with the company this week which has upset me a little.

    I am now a ‘private citizen’ so to speak – not working for Lush and not accountable to them. During my time at Lush I loved the products very very much and exclusively used them. Since I have left, I found it hard to use the product and gave most of it away. There were some things I couldn’t give away (even to charity shops – they wouldn’t taken them) so I set up an eBay account to sell the products on; I set this account up after I had left the company. Now, when I was staff, I would never dreamed of doing such a thing because a) it was a violation of staff discount b) I loved the products. c) I am a very honest person. It goes without saying really, doesn’t it?

    I am now a ‘private citizen’ and answer to no one apart from the law of the land, yet this week I had an email to my eBay account saying the following:

    “Hallo, I work for Lush. Had to laugh at your listings! I wasn’t there myself, but I’ve heard Lushfest 2012 was uniquely awful too. I came across your items on the staff forum, where someone’s started a thread about it. Hope you aren’t an employee or you might get in trouble! Best regards”

    The email tone itself is seemingly pleasant and I have no problem with that at all. However, the person wasn’t looking to buy my products but appeared to be eager to find out a little more about me perhaps, due to the ‘thread’ on their staff room. My problem is, quite simply, why are my listings being discussed on the staff room page and why would someone (a complete stranger) feel the need to contact me about it? Lots of people have old things they no longer want, so they sell them on eBay. I also just sold on 4 Boden dresses and 1 Boden skirt that were too big, a BHS Peplum dress I bought on whim and a pair of Uniqlo shorts. I bet those companies aren’t discussing my eBay lists. I bet Boden aren’t discussing whether or not I am staff trying to make a fast one. People do buy stuff in volume from companies they like, and people do sometimes no longer like or no longer want to use the stuff they have, which is why they give to charity shops or sell on eBay. Like I say, many of my too-big clothes have gone to charity shops and a huge proportion of my unused Lush has gone to family and friends. But charity shops won’t take half used cosmetics and perfumes (why would they?) and that is exactly what I am selling on my eBay. I refuse to throw stuff away, and if I can make a little extra money towards the training for my new career why shouldn’t I?

    But, the big point in all of this is: I am a ‘private citizen’ and should not have to even justify myself. I shouldn’t feel like I was put in a position to do so. Perhaps a more ballsy person would have ignored it and just moved on. But I cannot bear to think that anyone would think ill of me or think I was dishonest, because I am not. So I did something I now hugely regret.

    Me being me, I did justify myself and sent what I thought was a really pleasant email back (to someone who is a complete stranger by the way). It was straight from the heart, explaining I was ex-staff of many years standing, what my full name was, to let everyone in the ‘staff room’ know it was me and not to worry, and why I was doing it. Oh, and I also added that if anyone wanted any of my LushFest memorabilia on there for free to let me know and I will take it off sale and send it to their shop. Yes, for free. A couple of people contacted me and took me up on that offer so I took them off sale and will be sending on. I don’t regret offering that bit by the way – if I can send on my Lush stuff to people who will enjoy and use it, I am very happy. I want to see stuff go somewhere where it will be used, enjoyed and appreciated. I refuse to throw things away.

    However, in general I do regret ever answering the prying email. Again, I don’t think it was unpleasant at all, but was it really necessary?

    What has really upset me is I felt like I was on trial for, quite simply, ‘moving on’. I still have many friends in that company and I am still adjusting to my life post-Lush and it’s not been easy. When you give yourself over to a company for a long period of your life and then stop, it isn’t easy, but many people have to do it and succeed. I am one of those people. This week I was feeling really positive about my new career, my new life and just moving on in general. Then I had this happen and it just made me feel crap.

    I just wish I had never ever responded to that original email because I am a 35 year old grown woman, an honest person coming to terms with a huge career change, someone who has really been through the mill this year, someone who doesn’t have to justify themselves. And I panicked and suddenly felt I did have to justify myself and explain I was honest, ex staff, and why I was using eBay. I can’t turn back time but I hate the fact I felt I had to do that. And for the record, the person who was desperate to find out if I was staff or not never emailed back or thanked me for my clarification, but did post my response to the staff group – as I directed he/she could – so they did read my response. And I have since heard I am now being spoken about in unflattering terms, which is hurtful, but out of my control.

    In my time at this ex workplace I worked hard, was incredibly honest, had unwavering loyalty and enjoyed working with many wonderful people. I said my goodbyes in that staff room when I left and hoped everyone knew the measure of my character. See, here I go again, feeling the need to justify myself. I hate this. :-/

    Anyway, someone posted a link to this blog on my eBay and I thought it would be a good opportunity to just say my piece; I will never get the right to reply in the staff room so I wanted to say it here. Thank you. I shall now go and read the rest of everything!

  2. Obviously I don’t have access to the Lush staff forum, but it sounds like someone saw the listing, and then they had a discussion about how awful Lushfest was and wondered which ex staff member was selling things. It doesn’t sound like a very big deal to me – but I haven’t been through what you’ve been through. Good luck with your new career!

  3. Yeah, I think I have possibly let it prey on my mind a little too much and have got into a tizzy. I just didn’t like the end comment ‘hope you aren’t an employee’ – it seemed to be a little threatening. I am quite a shy person, not hugely confident and really hate my integrity being seemingly questioned. I’ve gone out of my way to help people when in my previous role (ex colleagues and customers) and felt quite hurt that even now they know it is me, they are still being unkind. Still, what can you do? I just hate being judged, but that’s life and there is no more I can do. Tomorrow is a new day, the sun is shining, and I have some nice chocolate in the fridge. Life’s not too bad. It’s not too bad at all.

  4. Over a year ago a shop assistant presented a campaign idea to the Mafia about slavery in the chocolate/ cocoa butter industry. At this point around 10% of cocoa butter was from fairtrade/ fairtrade organic sources but this was increasing due to a new relationship with a community in Colombia. Everyone responded very positively about the campaign, including the buying team, and a commitment was made to make every effort to move closer to 100% traceable fairtrade cocoa butter over the following year and becoming more transparent, as well as running a campaign. Not sure what happened afterwards but it’s very good to hear that staff are being trained on this as so many seem to believe that almost everything is made from fairtrade, organic and natural materials.

  5. @Jakeroberknight – you are lucky to have a positive experience. Many don’t – you can read all about it on this blog. Perhaps you won’t love them as much when they shit on you from a great height? I hope they never ever do but get unionised, just in case. There is nothing so endearing or so worrying as blind faith and enthusiasm; it would have its charms if only ignorance wasn’t so dangerous.

    p.s. Do you go around calling all your ex/current/potential customers “mean” when they don’t subscribe to your point of view? Strange slant on that famed ‘customer service’, isn’t it?

  6. Hello there,

    I suggest that if you know the ‘truth about LUSH’ then do so without abusing the insight and access some people have on the PRIVATE social media networks and PRIVATE e-mails, which are specifically directed to members of management teams. So then share with us, enlighten us with the truths you claim to know. If you want to have a decent blog and have the respect of the blogging world then publish something constructive. Until then, leave the Sherlock Holmes part for others to play 🙂

    • Oh, fuck off. The truths are here in the blog. Don’t blame me for staff feeling so pissed off and unheard that they go elsewhere to have the truth heard. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to read it – but don’t think Lush will thank you for your loyalty, because they’ll shaft you like they shaft everyone in the end.

  7. Yellowbeans – this blog has some pretty huge respect out there in the ‘blogging world’. I am part of the ‘blogging world’ and I have sat here amazed as I have watched it take off and get re-blogged, re-tweeted and circulate all over. It’s quite astounding.

    Would it surprise you to know that Lush is becoming more and more unpopular in the ‘blogging world’. Have a little independent research yourself and find out. Obviously, you found your way here, so it’s gaining some pretty good coverage isn’t it?

    A couple of points:

    1) What proof do you have that this blog owner or any people commenting are ‘abusing the insight and access some people have on the PRIVATE social media networks’? Firstly, that doesn’t even make sense, but if you’re suggesting this blog is somehow gaining access to the staff Facebook group, that’s pretty defamatory. Most importantly, you need to realise that Facebook isn’t a private social network, it’s a public one – meaning anyone can join and use it, it’s not exclusive. Now that staff group within the public network may be set to ‘private’ (i.e. it is exclusive) but it still doesn’t mean the social network is a private one, it’s still a public social network. If Lush can’t police their private Facebook group properly, that’s their problem. If Lush won’t fork out and pay for their own virtual staff room but use a free public social network in which to set one up, that’s their problem. If Lush staff are contacting people about content on there that they feel uncomfortable about and what to share, well that has to tell you something massive about company culture, doesn’t it? If it doesn’t, extract your head from your bum and look at it with fresh eyes.

    2) What proof of you have that this blog owner or any people commenting are ‘abusing the insight and access some people have on […] private emails’. Again, unsubstantiated and pretty defamatory. If you are going to throw wild accusations like that around you had better show you have proof.

    So talking about proof, and reality, you need to check out some of the comments left here by staff and ex-staff (I think that’s what is called ‘primary evidence’ isn’t it? First hand). That’s not ‘Sherlock Holmes’ territory, that’s people desperate to share their truths and their experiences. If people are coming here to share their stories as customers, ex staff, current staff, and this is providing a safe platform for them to do so, who are you to judge? Who are you to claim it’s not factual. It’s their reality, their truth, not yours.

    There are lots of truths on this blog backed up with actual evidence, in some cases, evidence from Lush’s own website, evidence from Lush’s own international forum, evidence from Lush’s own facebook page (customer, not staff).

    If you would like to take a look at some big ugly truths, look at how your boss has spoken to customers on his own forum. Not a private one, a public one that anyone can join. Look at how Customer Care have treated customers on there. It’s in black & white, primary evidence, based on things they have written. Then think about Lush claiming ‘we believe that the customer is always right’ and do some sums in your head. Doesn’t add up, does it? There’s your starting point.

    Of course, it’s entirely up to you what you want to believe, but if you don’t like the facts you read, coming onto this blog and making wild unsubstantiated claims about the sources used won’t get you anywhere. I presume you work for Lush as that’s the kind of half arsed attempt they make when trying to defend something. But just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it’s untrue. It’s actually pretty petty of you to suggest the quality of this blog is below par (“If you want to have a decent blog and have the respect of the blogging world then publish something constructive”) because you dislike the content. I would say that most of the advice in the ‘bullshit’ posts is pretty damned constructive, Lush could learn a lot from it.

  8. Yellowbeans, I cannot help but note that there is not a smidge of denial in your post about what is written here. Attack the blog, the author and commentators all you like, it doesn’t make what is on here any less true – if you don’t like what is written, there are plenty of other blogs, videos and activists saying the same thing. You can ignore it all you want, you can attack the messengers, point fingers, and cast stones at other companies to your little heart’s content – it doesn’t make the problems go away.

    But hey, that’s what Blessed Leader does, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that his deluded minions are following his lead.

  9. @The Grey Wheelie Bin: Thanks for the question :)! I actually do not go around calling all my ex/current/potential customers “mean.” I actually said “a bit mean,” yet I can see where you are coming from! :).
    Regardless, @southsidesocialist does not subscribe to my point of view, and that is completely fine :).
    However my “going around and calling” people “mean” in my own free time has nothing to do with that ‘famed ‘customer service.’
    But thank you, I have to say I have had nothing but a positive experience at Lush :).
    I hope you guys are having a good week.
    Take care :).

  10. @Jakeroberknight – if it’s your “own free time” then perhaps you should think about how you declare your status prior to posting. By stating in your first contribution “I work for Lush, I love Lush” indicates you may be posting here as a representative Lush employee rather than as Jakeroberknight in his spare time. In fact, because you posted here to say you work for Lush and are having a fine time means you have posted as a representative of the employee workforce, which means you have negated any impartiality you wanted to have.

    I appreciate you wanted to add context but if you’re going to label yourself as a Lush employee you need to appreciate that anyone you speak to on here is a customer or potential customer. You’ve given yourself that context so need to think about how people perceive you under that definition. Quite simply, as you outed yourself as a Lush employee, I now see your interaction as a Lush member of staff rather than Jakeroberknight in his own personal time, regardless of when or where you’re posting from. The problem with the internet is, once you write those words down you are powerless as to how others interpret them or in what context they frame them.

    I am glad you’re having a very positive experience at Lush. I hope you continue to do so. I would still recommend joining a Union – if Lush are as ethical as they claim to be they will have no problem with a Unionised workforce.

  11. Really, guys? IT’S JUST SOAP, GET OVER IT!

    As for the angsty forumite running this blog… Wow. Maybe try getting out once in a while, love?

    • The thing is, it’s not just soap. It’s lies, and dishonesty, and misrepresentation, and ill-treatment of staff, and rudeness to customers and general unethical behaviour from a company that touts itself as the most ethical.
      Also, my blog, my choice of topics. There are plenty of posts on this blog that are nothing to do with Lush. But if you don’t like the blog, feel free to read something else. You won’t be missed here.

  12. No one I know personally, staff or otherwise, has experienced your so called ‘ill-treatment of staff, and rudeness to customers’ and Lush are a LOT more ethical than the vast majority of cosmetics companies out there. At least they’re trying.

    And yes, it is just soap. At the end of the day, Lush are a company like any other and their number one reason for existence is to make money.

    Hope back on the forum and keep your vicious hate-mongering there.

    • I know several people who have experienced ill treatment and rudeness on the part of Lush. Just because you’re not aware of it doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. You are not omnipotent. This blog isn’t about the soap. It’s not even just about Lush although many of the posts are about them. But for the record, the soap is crap – it’s drying, it’s scentless, it’s plasticky, it’s overpriced, it’s often underweight when it forms part of a pre-packaged gift and it really isn’t worthy buying. I’ve switched to Future Primitive and Planet Soap and they’re both much nicer.
      I won’t be hoping for anything on the forum because I don’t use the forum. I stopped using the forum over a year ago when I found out exactly how badly Mark Constantine treats people and realised I wanted nothing more to do with the man or his company. As for vicious hate-mongering, there isn’t any on this blog. There’s an expression of my opinion about a hypocritical company, but this is my blog and I’ll write what I want. If you don’t like it, fuck off to the Lush facebook page and get your ego stroked there.

  13. Just to let you know, I accessed this off of the staff forum. We’re all having a great old time reading through your uneducated, ill formed argument and lack of up-to-date facts and statistics!

    • Just to let you know, I’m glad you’re having a good time. If you could point out which bits of the blog are uneducated, which arguments are ill-formed and which facts and statistics are out of date, we might be able to have a discussion, rather than what’s currently happening which is you going “wah wah wah you’re criticising Lush and I don’t like it.” And given that the vast majority of the information has come from staff, perhaps the people on the staff forum aren’t as open there as they feel they can be here.

  14. As a current member of staff who has seen @calender girls explanation post on the staff fb group I have to say that it proves just how two faced the staff on there are. It is so funny that it starts with them calling her a whinger and far worse and making it seem that selling some make up and memorabilia on ebay is a crime second only to murder – even if it is a ‘private citizen’. Then, as soon as the comment appeared saying who she was and why she did what she did the tone changes from one of utter vitriol to grovelling sycophancy with comments such as ‘oh I knew it was you xxxxx’ and ‘oh xxxxx is so funny’ and ‘oh we miss you lots.’ and all of a sudden everyone loves that she is selling stuff on ebay.

    It just goes to show that Lush people in the loop are looked after even after they leave. Someone who wasn’t quite so popular may not have got the same about face from staff.

    So don’t worry xxxxx everyone still loves you.

  15. I saw the original post on the staff facebook page where calender girl was initially slated and called a whinger for putting her Lush stuff on ebay. Once it transpired that she was who she is the whole post changed. The pack of wolves who had previously said some really nasty things suddenly underwent a personality transformation and the utter vitriol suddenly turned to grovelling sycophancy. This just shows how two faced Lush staff are and how someone who was in the ‘lush circle of trust’ is treated; from being called all sorts of nasty things it suddenly went to ‘oh we knew it was you xxxxx’ and ‘oh you’re so funny xxxxx’ and ‘we miss you so much’

    When she was just an ex employee getting rid of some make up and memorabilia she was the spawn of the devil but now they know she was one of the ‘in crowd’ she’s suddenly a heroine.

  16. Orangeandblue, I cannot help but note that:

    “No one I know personally, staff or otherwise, has experienced your so called ‘ill-treatment of staff, and rudeness to customers’ and Lush are a LOT more ethical than the vast majority of cosmetics companies out there…”

    Then, follow it up with:

    “Just to let you know, I accessed this off of the staff forum. We’re all having a great old time reading through your uneducated, ill formed argument and lack of up-to-date facts and statistics!”

    Now, don’t get me wrong, but doesn’t that nullify your rudeness argument? If staff has stooped to your level of petty name-calling and finger-in-ear syndrome, rather than countering with what Lush plan on doing what has been promised over many years, then if anyone needs evidence of rude, condescending and unresponsive staff need only look at you?

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  18. Well that made it all pretty clear. Your response: ‘oh fuck off’ sums it up pretty nicely. No one who is serious about blogging or has at least some self respect does not go off swearing on readers. I rest my case. I am only being loyal to my self and my manners, if this was any other attack to any other company I would still see it the same way. It is harassment, there is freedom of speech but that does not make it acceptable. Yes the cocoa butter was untraced – it has changed. Yes, the glitter was plastic – it is being changed. Yes, they have a buying team that travels the world trying to help people and cooperatives to have a sustainable way of living. I don’t think the company is perfect, and there is a lot of things that can be changed, and I always make my voice heard to the right people, I give my feedback, I am being constructive. If I hide behind a laptop screen moaning and being negative, that definitely would change the world. Yes we have two of the most passionate and amazing feminists I have ever met in my life. Here is a little bit of homework for you: find another company who has a product that does NOT make any profit from it, that has raised over 1.3 million pounds from charities. Maybe I should get 2 people I know who have just e-mailed the company and have been given £1500 each to help with their charity. Or find other employees who would do community work, and be passionate about the world. Maybe you should get in contact with the Oxford store, where 3 of the employees (if i’m not mistaken about the numbers) formed an organisation called ‘tar free oxford’ and they managed to put their voice out. Maybe you should focus more on the animals being fed 50% of their body weight in the chemical that is being tested on animals for cosmetic purposes.

    And just to make it clear – the t-shirts’ aim was not to be work by staff and being kissed on, it was very clearly put across in the instructions. Which ever shops have done that it is definitely wrong!

    Also yes, the lush staff room is a private place. And the emails sent to the shops. And remind me again why a blog who has a huge impact in the blogging world has only 62 followers? Just because I’m new to this blogging business.

    You can be as abusive as you want, and this nature of yours comes across to your comment where you tell me to fuck off. Yes my previous comment was sarcastic but not abusive, so I wish you all the best in your quest of spreading lies and dramatising events. And keep swearing to the people who comment on your posts, it’s good. 🙂

    • You’re making an awful lot of assumptions.
      I have plenty of self-respect and the opinions of a couple of Lush groupies won’t change that. What is “serious about blogging” supposed to mean? You think I do this for a living? It’s my personal blog. That’s absolutely obvious to anyone who’s spent more than five seconds reading it. I take it more seriously than Don’t Tell the Bride, less seriously than I take swimming.
      You seem to think Lush should be above criticism because they’ve promoted themselves as ethical although there are lots of examples of them being thoroughly unethical. The way they have treated staff is appalling. One of the things I like about wordpress is that it shows me the search terms people use to find this blog. Every single day, the most common search terms are “Lush + [something related to employee rights and terms and conditions]” – often holiday pay, maternity rights, zero hours contracts. It also shows me which links in the posts people have clicked on, and every single day, the most popular links are the ones to employee rights information – ACAS, the TUC site, USDAW. It seems clear that Lush employees are finding this blog because they’re looking for information about their rights. Why aren’t they getting that from their employer?
      Who says this blog has a huge impact in the blogging world? I’ve never claimed that; I wouldn’t dream of it. This blog is tiny – although despite its lowly 62 followers, the Lush posts regularly get hundreds of hits, nearly 2000 over the weekend. I write this blog for myself. I write the Lush posts because I believe that Lush’s hypocrisy should be exposed, and because I believe that some Lush staff need help and advice regarding their rights at work. I’m not claiming this is a blog with a huge following; that would be nearly as ridiculous as you claiming that Lush are ethical.
      You’ve made the point about animal testing for cosmetic purposes. Could you tell me what Lush are doing about that since REACH became law? Are they complying with the law? Or are they breaking it? I know people have asked them this before but they’ve never had an answer.
      And could you please tell me what lies I have posted?
      Thanks for the permission to keep swearing. I didn’t need it, because this is my blog, but since you welcome it, I’d like to point out that several of the recent commenters on this blog are complete fucknuggets. Have a nice day.

      (I don’t really care if you have a nice day or not. I think you’re a buffoon).

  19. Jimmy Savile raised an estimated £40M for charitable causes throughout his lifetime.

    And @Yellowbeans, do you think “vicious hate mongering” is a pleasant compliment to give to someone whom you think may be one of your forum customers? And whilst we’re at it, do you think the forum (a forum full of customers, LUSH customers) is full of “vicious hate mongering” people? That doesn’t sound very pleasant. It comes across as both petulant and abusive. You do not represent your company very well at all.

    In fact, out of all the Lush staff commenting on this blog, you appear to be the rudest one yet. You are accusatory, belligerent and defamatory with a side order of hubris. I know the culture of Lush is sugar coated poison but even this amount of passive aggressiveness is well, laughable.

    Hugz hunni! (does that make it easier to swallow?)

  20. To those current Lush employees who admirably defend the company and say they have never experienced or witnessed any wrongdoings, then I am genuinely pleased you’ve been spared. As a long serving staff member and one with a little life experience under my belt, I can sadly do nothing else but agree with the majority of posts in this blog. Sure, all companies have skeletons in their closets and rose tinted glasses, but Lush does appear to embrace hypocrisy at its worst. I’ve seen managers at their wits end, having been subjected to humiliation and utter violation of employees rights; I’ve seen the decline in products, the increase in customer dissatisfaction and the downright ludicrous PR stunts. It may be ‘ just a soap shop’ but its Lush’s bigwigs who have fought so hard to prove otherwise, to gain the cult status it seems to have. Lush do many things well; but sadly, staff empathy and giving a toss isn’t one of them.

  21. I do like buffoons, I think they are rather sweet 🙂
    That’s fair enough, I take my ‘taking blogging seriously’ comment back.

    And no Mr cheese, I actually completely agree with you ‘vicious hate mongering’ is not acceptable at all, and who ever mentioned that is completely out of order. Before you call me names, please check back on what you read, because that comment DID NOT come from me. Hugs back at you babes.

    The comment about the followers was not directed at you, it was a comment for someone else who commented on my previous comment. I do not know about REACH very much, I need to do more research before saying anything. I know that we are doing more than other companies do.

    I guess my reaction to your blog made me quite angry, just because at the branch where I work at things like that don’t go on. The people I work with feel like family to me and it seemed as an attack to us. I apologise for making assumptions (which were only two: a)not taking blogging seriously and b) using abusive language), I still don’t agree with the way you post and express your self to your blog posts and to your comments. But that is my problem, and I have the option not to read them.

  22. I can’t see where anyone said this blog had a huge following; someone did say it had huge respect in the blogging world but that’s not the same thing as huge following.

    I found this blog as employment rights and trade unions are a huge interest of mine, and I also used to be a very enthusiastic customer, so they thought I might find it interesting, which I do.

    I think the reaction of some of the staff is quite understandable; some stores or some individuals will never see the amount of stuff that goes on higher up the chain or behind the scenes, which is why it’s so important to keep an open mind on such an emotive subject.

    Just have a long think about the company in the last 12 months; think about some of the big changes that are going on. Look what happened to the customer forum (the way MC talked to customers and how customers are now being largely ignored, in something that used to be considered the jewel in their transparent customer-service crown). look at the fact it’s July and there is still no Lush Times out; look at how there have been barely any new products this year; look at the disparity of messages coming out. Something isn’t right.

  23. Thanks plainjane & cupcake for the further information.

    It’s interesting to know I just received this message on eBay this afternoon:

    “Hi there, I saw your eBay listings on our Lush Staff Room and also your posting on the mitherings blog. I have to say, I think your very petty to both complain about lushfest after it cost so much to put on and also really greedy to sell your old products on too. It was a priveledge to go to lushfest for as long as you did and I know you had one of them nice wooden tent things too – better than most of us. Heard you had been a mafia person so you should no better! I think you should donate your winnings to charity at least!”.

    (I copied this directly, so haven’t altered the spelling and grammar errors).

    On the flipside, I also had lots of lovely messages both to my personal email and my eBay account from great ex-colleagues wishing me luck in my new career and talking about good old times, so I thank everyone for that. I just ask, please no more of those kinds of messages above, I just want to move on to my next chapter, stress free. Thanks.

  24. I’ve just had an email from Calendar girl about the previous comment. She has asked me to delete it because the person who had sent her the ebay message quoted above has contacted her again to apologise. After some consideration, I’m not going to delete it but I am letting you know that Calendar girl has received an apology for the message.

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