The Scottish Defence League* will be demonstrating 17/08/13

They have been given permission for a march down the bottom bit of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. I am very disappointed they haven’t been given permission to march down the High Street because it would be fantastic to see what would happen as they try to march through a street filled with uni-cycling fire-eating jugglers and drama students trying to hand them leaflets advertising King Lear on a Bouncy Castle. With any luck, people would assume they were just some slightly distasteful street theatre and ignore them.

Having said that, Unite Against Fascism, UNISON and some other organisations will be taking part in a counter-demonstration. You have to admire* the mentality of people who decide to hold a racist and fascist demonstration in the middle of the world’s largest multi-cultural arts festival. I hope all the performers and festival-goers who aren’t actually doing or watching a show at that time will come along and make it clear to the SDL that their hatred and ignorance isn’t welcome in Scotland.


*just as nasty as the EDL, but with a much smaller membership and a slight name change because the only thing they hate more than everything else they hate is English organisations



9 thoughts on “The Scottish Defence League* will be demonstrating 17/08/13

  1. ” … SDL … their hatred and ignorance … ”

    I have heard of the SDL, but always through blogs such as yours, or newspapers, which are critical of the organisation. I have not been able to read directly from a SDL source what their agenda is. Do you think that you could post a DIRECT link to some of their hatred and ignorance?


  2. Sorry, but why can you not post a link? I am sending this from Malawi, trying to better understand asylum and immigration issues in the UK, particularly Scotland.

  3. OK, thanks for your time. The problem is that my internet connection is very slow, and although I have tried googling I cannot easily find their websites.

  4. I have something to say about your blog and your comments. I admit that I am being critical in what I say, but any perceived rudeness is unintentional.

    So far, I have not found a functioning website for the SDL, so I will assume that their views are identical to those of the EDL.

    After spending some hours plodding slowly around the internet I have read much about the EDL, both what it has to say for itself, and what others such as the UAF and the media have to say. When I read the EDL website, and by that I mean their FAQs and Mission Statement, then I see that their views may be unusual, but I cannot say that I strongly disagree with them or find them to be expressing hatred; strong criticism yes, but not hatred. However, I become thoroughly muddled when I go on to read what the UAF and the media have to say about it, and I have to agree with what someone wrote on a Wikipedia talk-page that they are demonising the EDL and promoting hysteria about it. I am not suggesting that everything which is said is unjustified, but there is a lot of misinformation and much focus on anti-EDL drivel.

    From what you have written above I wonder if you really know yourself what the SDL stands for. (I don’t, because I cannot find their website or any blogs.) This wondering arises partly from your disinclination to provide any information on the SDL. Also you dismiss them out of hand as a hate group. The rest of the wondering comes from my past reading of First World websites in which activists try to justify a claim for asylum based on evidence which I know to be totally untrue, and which they themselves sometimes know to be untrue, or would have found it to be so if they had done their research properly.

    Am I wrong in feeling that you have erred in referring to the SDL as a hate group, and that its members publish hatred? David Cameron said of the EDL in 2010:

    “ … we would always keep these groups under review and if we needed to ban them, we would ban them or any groups which incite hatred.”

    Since the SDL is not banned, then it follows that they cannot be a hate group or publish hatred as you allege.

    Finally, I do see why some people are so rabidly anti-EDL/SDL, but myself I will sit on the fence, and say that they are lawful organisations which are entitled to their views and to express them in a lawful manner.

  5. Currently the SDL and the EDL are lawful and entitled to express their views in a lawful manner. I am also entitled to express my views, and my view is that the SDL and the EDL’s views are abhorrent. They are anti-Islam, anti-immigration, anti-people of colour. Their members have been photographed giving Nazi salutes. They have threatened Muslims and people of colour. They are at best misguided. They try to spread hatred and division with their racist views.
    Your comments make me wonder if you are in fact a member of the SDL trying to give the group credibility. I won’t be approving further comments from you because, as I said, I don’t promote hate groups.

  6. Despite me making it clear I wouldn’t be approving further comments from Chimwemwe Banda, he has continued to leave them, telling me I’m wrong about the EDL and the SDL because all his googling means he knows more about them than people who live in the UK and have seen them in action. It’s like a peculiar form of mansplaining. Just for the record, Chimwemwe/Mark, I will be deleting them without reading them from now on, so save your energy.

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