Mark Thomas: 100 Minor Acts of Dissent

I have a soft spot for Mark Thomas because years ago I was heavily involved in a campaign to stop the then government building a replacement for the hospital I worked in via the PFI route rather than through public funding. Mark Thomas assisted us in that campaign, as did the late and much missed Paul Foot, and Jeremy Hardy. The campaign had no effect and the PFI deal has proved disastrous, but that’s by the by.

Tonight’s show, 100 Minor Acts of Dissent, is about Mark Thomas’s pledge to complete 100 minor acts of dissent between 14/05/13 and 14/05/14. These include such things as photographing police officers, stickering books in large booksellers with stickers that say “also available in charity shops” and taking a ceilidh band into the Apple store to protest the fact Apple don’t pay taxes in the UK, among others. Stickers and badges are available for sale after the shop, so take small change.

I would also like to draw your attention to this site .

If you like intelligent comedy, you like a bit of mischief and you’re not appalled by people not behaving themselves, then you’ll probably really enjoy this show. I would give it 10/10 but there are some parts of the show where Mr Thomas speaks really quietly into the microphone and we couldn’t hear him, so 9/10. Now, I’m off to make use of my bastardtrade stickers..


One thought on “Mark Thomas: 100 Minor Acts of Dissent

  1. One of my all time favourites. Saw him at The Lord Mayor’s Show years ago.

    It’s a shame C4 seem to have been scared off any new programming of his for the last few years 😦

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