Rich Hall

I like Rich Hall. He’s an intelligent comedian who uses his anger at the world’s absolute stupidities to make hilarious comedy. And, a friend of mine told me that friends of hers had lent/rented him their flat during the Fringe one year and after he had vacated it and they came back, he had left a massive dildo in the middle of the bed.

Tonight’s venue was the Spiegeltent in George Square. It’s quite a big venue, and we were sitting as far back as it was possible to get. Sightlines were poor and the sound wasn’t fantastic, plus there was a lot of noise from outside. It was probably better for the people nearer the front, so get there early.

As for the show – well, not great. The problem was that Rich Hall wasn’t well. He was full of cold and obviously suffering, and as much as he tried to keep going, it affected his performance. He was losing track of where he was and struggling to stay focused, coughing and spluttering and generally being ill. It’s a real shame because we could see it had the makings of being another excellent show, and the songs in particular were very funny, but he just wasn’t well enough to perform well. Not his fault, and I’d definitely go back to see him again (in fact, we have tickets for his hoedown next week), but tonight just wasn’t what it otherwise would have been. I’m not rating it out of ten because I don’t think I can give a fair rating in the circumstances.


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