Best postie in Scotland

You know all those people who say Royal Mail are awful and posties are all useless? I’ve been expecting a packet for the past week and was starting to wonder where it had got to. Today the postie had left a card which says “Just back from hols and there is a recorded for you but it says Return. Do you know about it?” and he left his personal mobile number for me to ring him. I don’t know why it hasn’t been delivered, except postie on holiday = temporary cover = increased rate of errors, but how great is that service from the regular postie? You don’t get that from TNT and the like. I rang him, he’s delivering it tomorrow, and I think I will make him some biscuits as a thank you for going above and beyond.

As for you, the Government, selling the Royal Mail off to whichever of your greasy rich-off-the-backs-of-other-people’s-effort pals gave you the biggest bung, you can suck my cock.


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