Lots of pillocks in the pool tonight

  1. The very very very slow man who doesn’t let anyone pass at the end
  2. The man doing a very asymmetrical breaststroke who decides to overtake the people stuck behind 1, no matter what’s going on around him and how little space there is to do so
  3. The man who, stuck behind 1, decides to kick as hard as he can, creating as much splash as he can, regardless of the person (ie me) right behind him
  4. The man whose average speed really should have put him in the medium lane
  5. The women not swimming, clinging to the end, yakking and blocking everyone’s way
  6. The man who gets his kicks by speeding up to overtake at the end of the lane, then setting off really slowly and blocking the way for the next length
  7. The numerous people who swim towards the middle of the shared lane instead of keeping to their side, with really weird wide strokes who kept punching/kicking me as they went past

On the other hand, I did 1km tonight in 26m40s, an average time per 50m length of 1m20s. I think that’s the fastest I’ve managed for a km over 50m lengths.


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