Euan’s Guide

I just wanted to draw people’s attention to It’s still quite new, still in beta, and doesn’t have much information in it yet, but the plan is that over time people will leave reviews of various establishments detailing how disability-friendly and accessible they are. Eventually it could become a valuable resource for people who would like to be sure that a venue or establishment can (and will) accommodate their needs before they get there, and they won’t be left stuck when the accessible toilet turns out to be blocked by a bin, locked so that the waitress has to unlock it with a knife and then it’s absolutely unusable because it’s even more disgusting than the toilet in Trainspotting (I’m looking at you, Prezzo North Bridge).

So far Euan’s Guide covers Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin, London, Southampton and Halifax.The more people who contribute to it, the more useful it will be. So get reviewing.


One thought on “Euan’s Guide

  1. Thank you for the link. I’ve passed it on to someone I know who uses a wheelchair in Edinburgh. 🙂

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