The Smell of Bullshit, part 40: Improvement Notice

I refer you to my previous post relating to health and safety law and the requirements for risk assessment, and I draw your attention to this.

An improvement notice is issued because the Health and Safety Executive have identified that an employer has done something wrong, or not done something right that they had an obligation to do, and that act or omission is putting employees and/or the public at unacceptable, avoidable risk. In this case, they were exposing employees to corrosive materials without a suitable and sufficient risk assessment in place.

It’s clear from the link that Lush complied with the improvement notice, but why was an improvement notice required in the first place?


2 thoughts on “The Smell of Bullshit, part 40: Improvement Notice

  1. On a completely different note, this deserves highlighting: Lush openly stating their support of ‘the military and our troops’. I’m sure many Lush customers oppose war, and in fact I thought there was a story about the early days of Lush UK where a bunch of staff were given the day off to attend the protest against the Iraq war. When it comes to it, profits again win over ethics.

  2. It’s the same with everything Lush do, they flout the law to see if they can get away with it. When they get caught they do the bare minimum to put things right, never going the extra mile for their staff to make things better for them or creating a safe environment for them to work in.

    There used to be a few compounders who worked in the ballistic room making bath bombs all day and all night who were total stars. They made the most ballistics and were real characters. They suddenly disappeared and although we asked where they went we got no answers.

    It eventually transpired that Lush were raided by the immigration office and these members of staff were deported as they were not legally entitled to work in the uk. This was the second time this had happened at the Lush factory.

    In the shops you have to jump through hoops to get the paperwork right before employing anyone, it seems that, in the factory, this is not the case. I hope these staff were paid the same as the other members of staff (even if it was in cash so Lush could avoid paying employers tax) as they wouldn’t be on the books as they did not have the correct documentation.

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