Long swim today

My target for November was 10km, which is lower than my usual targets but I knew I wouldn’t manage as much this month because of various other commitments. Last night I was at 7950m for the month, so I had to do 2050m today to make the target. I could have just not hit the target, but I think I missed it last month too, so I decided to do the lot. (I only swam twice in the first two weeks November because of a bad reaction to my flu jag so I had a lot of distance to make up latterly). I did 2100m today, which is the biggest distance I’ve done for a while. It took me 57m50s, with an average speed of 1m22s per 50m. I’m quite pleased with that – it;s not fast, but I managed to maintain a steady pace all the way through, no slowing down over the last 500m at all. I am tired now though, and need to go to bed.


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