You know when you’re a union steward,

and you’re representing someone in a disciplinary, and it’s obvious the outcome will be a dismissal, and the person chooses to resign before the hearing, and although you know they were bound to be sacked, and there’s nothing you could have done, and the person really brought it on themself by doing something really really really stupid and wrong (repeatedly), but you still feel bad and like you should have done more?



2 thoughts on “You know when you’re a union steward,

  1. No, if they had repeatedly done something wrong and chosen to ignore the performance management opportunities then I never felt guilty as a steward. Where direct patient care was involved I felt I was there to see they were treated fairly and only that. The last person who resigned just before the hearing with me deserved to be dismissed, their resignation was a cop out over not being prepared to face the consequences of their behaviour.

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