1200 Calories

1200 Calories.


2 thoughts on “1200 Calories

  1. This is such a good article and so true, I remember Dr Hilary Jones in an argument with a diet pill peddling company who claimed that the product contained a small amount of fat to satisfy the appetite. Dr H J replied ‘well you can get that from putting a small amount of butter on a jacket potato’.
    I also wish magazines and diet peddlars would tell people that sometimes you’ll never get parts of your body to look perfect. Unfortunately for me I did so much sport at school that I couldn’t sustain that amount of exercise after I left and my thighs and bum got a bit flabby. Several years later and I was training 5 days a week doing lots of squats and leg exercises and the other 2 days running and my legs never really got any definition. I expect I could probably get somewhere with a trainer and non-stop leg exercises and all the time in the world but that’s never going to happen. Sometimes we just have to accept our body’s limitation and know that the best anyone can hope for is a healthy body. Oh, and my ex, who worked out very often and had very little body fat and lots of large muscle definition, was told that he was obese by a nurse using the BMI chart. Utter crap.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with BMI as a blunt tool as long as the user has a bit of common sense. A 6ft, 18 stone rugby player might well show up as obese on the chart, but any health professional should know that 18 stone of muscle is not obesity. The problem there was the nurse, not BMI.
    I think the other thing we should all try to remember is that there’s no perfect legs, or perfect arse, or perfect tits – it’s all subjective. A 5ft woman will never have the legs of Gisele, and someone with my bone structure will never have the litheness of Darcy Bussell – and Kylie will never have Jennifer Lopez’s or Beyonce’s lush curves. And that’s ok.

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