On Chris Moyles

The BBC reported yesterday that a court ruled that Chris Moyles attempted to avoid paying tax he owed. Moyles and two other men were accused of taking part in a scheme called “working wheels,” which allowed its members to say they had incurred large fees while working in the second-hand car trade. They could then claim back against their tax bill.

At the time he was in the scheme, Moyles was presenting the Radio 1 breakfast show, but the tax documents showed him as self-employed as a used car dealer. Moyles tweeted “Upon advice, I signed up to a scheme which I was assured was legal.”

Now, I am not an accountant, or any form of tax expert, but I do know what my job is, and I suggest Moyles knew what his job was at the time – he was a DJ for Radio 1. So why on earth would he think it was legal to claim to be a self-employed second-hand car salesman for tax purposes? Claiming to be a self-employed second-hand car salesman for tax purposes when you are in fact a highly-paid, extremely irritating, Radio 1 DJ is lying.Lying on tax forms is, er, lying. I am surprised that Chris Moyles doesn’t know that.

It seems to me that anyone who says they thought it was ok to lie on tax forms to avoid paying tax is either very very very stupid, or an outright liar.


One thought on “On Chris Moyles

  1. Even though I know the word ‘scheme’ is often used legitimately, whenever I hear it I think of Del Boy. ‘Scheme’ ‘Scheming’. Either way, what a pillock.

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