The Smell of Bullshit, part 48: trouble at t’mill (in Brazil)

These links appeared in the comments, but I think they’re worth highlighting with a short post of their own

The first one links to a page written in Portuguese so Google translate is your friend. The summary is that in 2007 a Brazilian woman sued Lush because she entered into an agreement with them to launch Lush in Brazil, was very successful at it, and then, she says, they didn’t keep their part of the bargain. The second one suggests that Lush are now reopening in Brazil, presumably having sorted out their problems. If anyone knows how the court case was resolved, do let us know.



PS A couple of people attempted to leave comments this week asking me to email them, as they were unable to find the email address to contact me. I have emailed, but have had no reply. Check your spam folders.


5 thoughts on “The Smell of Bullshit, part 48: trouble at t’mill (in Brazil)

  1. lush has troubles everywhere..from being kicked out of covent garden to troubles in their midlands shops. lush doesnt care about their staff and are quick to go back on their word

  2. Yes, I did laugh at the flagship Covent Garden store being pushed out by the landlords (which is what the CG team said on their own page – not my conjecture).

    I heard Lush were going to open a hair salon next. And then I heard rumours of a fan club too. No idea if either are true but was told it in store. But then we also heard at one point that there was going to be a new website at the beginning of the month and that hasn’t happened.

    Typical Lush – full of big ideas, never delivers on time… and when they do it’s the most unprofessional set up you ever see.

    Who remembers, years ago, when they launched a new website or something and the owner’s son did a “Prince Eddy at ‘It’s a Royal Knockout’ ” and had a paddy because people gave the (honest) feedback they asked for. i.e. it was unusable and shit.

    Ha ha lol.

    • yes they plan to open a hair salon soon, but are still working on the supposedly amazing products that will be used in it. the thing is mark doesnt listen to or value anyones opinions so it will be like most of the things in the haircare range. full of shit and stinking of orange blossom. but what can I say, Mark knows best.

      • Oh yes, so true. He likes to play the listening game (like he used to try on the forum) but it’s only ever pretend listening, for PR, not actual listening. Of course he knows best *yawn*. I always thought the whole lot of them were below par, intelligence wise. They are incapable of listening because they think they are infallible.
        Today I heard about “Lush Kitchen” – a webcam showing people making stuff and customers then buying it live. Or some such shit. The press release said this:
        “UK cosmetics company LUSH has announced the launch of LUSH Kitchen. LUSH Kitchen will bring manufacturing to the heart of the consumer, through the power of digital, with ‘live’ prepared products available to order online. This new ingenuity will allow customers to engage with the brand and their purchases, as well as producing made-to-order and bespoke products. LUSH Kitchen will launch 31st March with a new edition of their website and magazine to coincide.”
        Firstly, why is the word live in inverted commas?
        live = really live
        ‘live’ = not really live.
        And does ‘live’ prepared products mean products prepared live on screen, live on earth, by someone alive rather than machine.
        Who writes this shit? WHO?
        ‘The power of digital’ – meaningless
        ‘The heart of the consumer’ – meaningless.
        it’s all drivel. It’s soundbite after soundbite after soundbite.
        How is any of this ‘ingenious’? The products are going to be manufactured any way, the only difference will be they are being filmed. And as for ‘customers engaging’ with the brand and their purchase, with products being ‘made to order’ and bespoke… where shall I start?
        – Customers DID engage with the brand and their purchases via the now defunct customer forum. The one Lush shat all over themselves and blamed the customers for the poor atmosphere.
        – Customers have always been led to believe that products are made to order any way, as they are fresh – so a shop orders product and it is made fresh at the factory.
        – As for ‘bespoke’ products – well the original retro was similar to this idea, wasn’t it?
        I remember when retro was originally launched about 7 years ago. It was presented as bespoke products made by a ‘chef’. Here is the original website blurb from 2007:
        “Our Lush shops are small and compact and can only hold so many lines; so in order to bring out new products, we have to discontinue our slowest selling items. But experience tells us that sometimes these more specialist products, though not of mass appeal to the general public, are firm favourites with the Lush Connoisseur. We have chosen a selection that if there is enough interest one of our “chefs” will make it for you. So you choose the product from our retro section and if you want it place an order and join the race. The products in the retro section will be made especially for you when we have 50 orders.
        Get in the running with others who share your tastes.
        Place an order on the product you love. When the first order is made on that product the race commences! The race will last 5 days. When the 50th product is ordered it is guaranteed that our “chef” will make it and the race is replaced with a big old PARTY which anyone can join until the 5 days is up. Your order will only get made if the race is completed. If in 5 days not enough connoisseurs have ordered the race is lost. No matter how the race you participate in turns out we will let you know the results by email”
        So this is just another recycled idea. Recycled fragrances, recycled products, recycled shoddy thinking. But with a fresh, innovatory, ‘live feed’. I can’t wait to see how this ‘ingenuity’ unfolds. Oh wait, no, I don’t actually give a shit.
        The big question is, why would they think people want to see this? Is this not just more egotistical, self obsessed, narcissistic bullshit. Of course it is, of course.
        Do you want to have a live link to the M&S knicker factory to see Trevor sewing your knickers? Perhaps you would like to ‘engage’ with Trev via a live feed and have some bespoke detailing,
        “Trev, I would like darts sewing in the back of my drawers for the weeks when I haven’t been able to get down the gym and am carrying extra flesh on my buttocks”
        Let’s think of the live feeds Lush have done. Usually loud people, people talking endlessly about themselves, or their sex life. (that did happen, didn’t it?), plenty of big headed posturing, fawning over the directors, fawning over themselves. Never about the customer, never about anyone but them. Yes Lush, it’s all about you, isn’t it? You, your fame, your heritage, you faces, your ego. My arse.

      • They tried the hair salon thing but, guess what? It did not work because a) it is a stupid idea and b) the ‘professional’ hair guy did not have enough people to practice his cut throat shaves on, Mark would not let him use any scope for his imagination or to do his own thing and kept interfering in the way he always does and, as always, his ideas were ridiculous and childish and the hair guy eventually left because he had enough of sitting there waiting for stuff to do.

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