Wacky Water Races

The past few times I’ve been for a swim in the evening, there has been no slow lane, only open water, medium lane, fast lane, and club swimming. Open water is awful if you want to do lengths so I have been promoting myself to the medium lane. Most of the time it’s been ok; it’s been quiet enough that there has been plenty of space to overtake, and I’ve said to people “I’m usually a slow lane swimmer but there is no slow lane tonight, so I won’t get the hump if you overtake me.”

Tonight was horrid though. It was much busier, and there was a horrible woman who was barging past people and pulling in too soon – she barged me into the lane rope at one point, and other people were muttering too. I tried to swim as fast as I could so as not to hold people up, and managed what I think is my fastest yet – 1km in 24m35s, average 1m10 per 50m length – but I needed much longer recovery periods at the end of the lengths, so it ended up taking me longer! It really hurt my sore shoulder too. I hope they bring the slow lane back; it’s needed.


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