The Smell of Bullshit, part 52: alternatives (revisited)

In this post, I talked about alternatives to Lush. I thought it was time to give an update on the products I have tried since then.

I have tried the Future Primitive bubbling sugar buffs, and I really like them. They leave my skin feeling very soft and not dry, but not actively moisturised in the way the previous sugar scrubs did. I prefer the sugar scrubs, but I like the sugar buffs enough to keep buying them. Future Primitive have just released some products with new scents, and the Green Coconut might be the nicest scent I’ve ever smelled.

Gaia Creams – I have now tried the Lavender & Patchouli hand therapy cream, and the Raw Healing & Soothing Cream. I don’t dislike them, and I’ll finish the pots, but I won’t be buying more. They’re incredibly expensive for the size of pot, and I don’t find they work well for me. The Healing & Soothing Cream doesn’t heal or soothe my eczema, and I find the Lavender & Patchouli cream doesn’t moisturise my hands at all. I’ve tried rubbing it in and then sleeping in cotton gloves, and my hands were as dry as paper in the morning. Not for me, sadly.

Klorane haircare has turned out to be great. I’m using the mango butter shampoo and conditioner, and I love it. It cleans and conditions very well, even after swimming, smells great, and lasts a long time.

I have tried Sugarloaf Soap Company soap and lipbalms. The soap seems a bit meh – cleans ok, rinses away ok, not too drying, but the scent has gone from the bar after about three weeks. I do like the lipbalms more, both the tin and the twist tube.

I’m interested in trying the Rhodes to Heaven hand, nail and cuticle cream, but they haven’t responded to my requests for a full ingredients list. I’ll try once more, and if they don’t respond, they’re off the list for rudeness!



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