46 years of safe legal abortion

Edinburgh Eye

Celebrating 46 years of the Abortion Act On 27th April 1968, 46 years ago, the Abortion Act became law, and women in the UK – except in Northern Ireland – were entitled to get safe, legal abortions. That’s half a lifetime ago. There can be few doctors or nurses still practicing who have first-hand memories of the bad old prolife days.

Every year for the past few years, on the Saturday closest to that date, SPUC stand in a line down Lothian Road, on the Sheraton Hotel side, and express their sorrow and regret for 46 years of health and wellbeing for women.

SPUC on Lothian Road with pink balloons

(The gentleman with the little girl on his shoulders, carrying the sign ABORTION KILLS CHILDREN, kept lifting his sign to block his face whenever he saw one of us taking photographs: I’ve seen BNP demonstrators do the same thing. In previous years SPUCcers have had expensive, heavy, pre-printed signs in grim black: this year…

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