Jo Loves Perfume (and so do I), part one: Pomelo

Since I stopped using Lush (see all the posts tagged as The Smell of Bullshit for reasons why) I’ve been looking for new perfume. Last year I tried Jo Malone, and so far I have English Freesia & Pear, and Red Roses, both of which I love. There are plenty of other fragrances in the range I want to try too. Recently, though, I read a review of a new Jo Malone fragrance, from a different range, Jo Loves.

No42 The Flower Shop sounds like just my kind of thing. The smell of a florist’s shop, a green damp smell, underpinned by flowers, is one of my most favourite things. Sadly for me though, Jo Loves only have one shop in London and they don’t offer free samples by post, only scent cards. To be fair to them, I received a scent card the day after they offered to send it, but still, scent cards are not the same as trying a scent sample on your skin. I do think that as long as they only have one shop, they should be a bit more generous with sending samples out.

Jo Loves offer a sample box of ten of the scents from the range, for £38 plus VAT and p&p. I decided to treat myself, and the box arrived yesterday. It was well packaged, and it contains Pomelo, Green Orange & Coriander, Orange Tulle, Gardenia, Pink Vetiver, A Shot of Thai Lime Over Mango, A Shot of Oud Over Mango, No.42 The Flower Shop, A Shot of Muguet & Cedar,  and A Shot of Fresh Sweet Peas. I plan to work my way through the samples, trying all of them in turn, and reviewing them here for you.

Today I tried Pomelo. The website says the fragrance notes are pink pomelo and vetiver. Wikipedia says that vetiver oil is deep, sweet, woody, smoky, earthy, amber, and balsam. Pomelo is a citrus fruit, which tastes like a milder, sweeter grapefruit. I think the fragrance is an equal mixture of the two. There is a definite citrus sweetness, but it’s well balanced by a woody spiciness. I don’t think this is a particularly “feminine” citrus scent – it’s not light or sparkling the way so many citrus perfumes are. It smells much more “masculine” to me and would make an interesting aftershave for the right man. It started off very citrusy, sharp but with an underlying sweet spiciness with a hint of green. By lunchtime it was predominantly green with the sweet spicy undernotes, and now, approximately 9 hours after I put it on, the scent is almost gone, but has left a subtle sweet greenness with a hint of spice.

I like it more than I like most citrus perfumes, and I’ll happily finish the sample bottle. Perhaps by the end of it, I’ll know whether I like it enough to buy a full bottle.


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