Jo Loves Perfume (and so do I), part 3: Orange Tulle

The Jo Loves website describes Orange Tulle as orange blossom flower, mandarin and neroli. All of those are scents I like very much, in fact I used to wear Body Shop neroli oil as my perfume of choice when I was a student. I don’t like this perfume though.

On first application, it is a strange, musty neroli, smells like fly spray, and although Jo Loves describe it as a bridal scent, the only bridal image it brings to mind for me is a little girl playing brides with grandmother’s fusty net curtains in the 70s. The mustiness tones down and you’re left with a subtle, sweet mandarin, for a short while and then it just disappears altogether. Looking at reviews of this scent, I think perhaps it’s just not right for my skin.

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