My thoughts on the halal meat “scandal”

1) If you’re that bothered about animal welfare, why are you eating at KFC?

2) If you’re not religious, or you are of a religion which is not Islam, why are you bothered if someone recited an Islamic prayer over the animal as it was killed? If you don’t believe in Islam, why does it matter to you? To you, those prayers would just be meaningless words. As an atheist, I wouldn’t care if prayers from every religion the world has ever known were recited over my dinner, any more than I would care if someone read passages from The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

2 thoughts on “My thoughts on the halal meat “scandal”

  1. I’ve not read the original article that ‘broke’ the ‘scandal’ but it sounds like a Columbus-y situation: Westerners becoming a little less ignorant of others and acting like we “discovered” something new that urgently requires our comment and interest.

  2. The “scandal” is that some chain restaurants and fast-food chains have “revealed” that all the meat they buy (except from pigs, obvs) is halal. Some people object to this because either they think halal slaughter is cruel, in which case see point 1, or they don’t want to eat meat which has been prayed over by Muslims, in which case see point 2.

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