Jo Loves Perfume (and so do I), part 6: A Shot of Oud Over Mango

Jo Loves say the notes in A Shot of Oud Over Mango are mango, black pepper, freesia and oud wood.

On first application this morning, the first notes I got were woodsmoke followed soon afterwards by mango. After a few minutes, there was smokiness, tar, creosote, subtle melon and subtle mango. After a few hours, it was a smooth warm blend of woody smoke and mango. I haven’t detected any black pepper or freesia in this. As seems to be the norm with Jo Loves, it doesn’t last long, and I reapplied after about 5 hours. On second application, the mango came out first, followed by the woodsmoke, and now, about two hours after that second application, it’s a warm, sophisticated, sexy smoky mango. I get the feeling that there will be something new to discover in this every time I wear it – and I will definitely be wearing it again.

I think this is a fragrance Lush would have loved to create, but can’t. It has the mixture of sweet and smoke that Breath of God has, but it’s much less brash and much more pleasant, and it has the creosotey tarriness they tried to put into Lord of Goathorn which so many people hate but works really well in Oud Over Mango. I guess Jo Malone really knows what she’s doing.

The reviews of this elsewhere on the web are mixed. Several people say that although they like mango and they like oud, the two aren’t blended well and it seems like wearing two different scents at once. I don’t find that – for me, the mango and oud are successfully melded to create something much nicer than the sum of the separate parts. After one day of wearing it, A Shot of Oud Over Mango has intrigued and entranced me – I’m looking forward to discovering more of it.



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