Jo Loves Perfume (and so do I), part 8: A Shot of Muguet and Cedar

Muguet is French for lily-of-the-valley, which is one of my favourite flowers. Several years ago, one of my oldest friends got married in France in early May. The local children went into the woods on the last day of April to pick lily-of-the-valley and sell bunches. I bought  bunch and kept it in my hotel room (in an Orangina bottle) for the duration of my stay, and it scented the room beautifully. I did wonder why Jo Malone calls this perfume muguet instead of lily-of-the-valley, but writing this post has shown me how much quicker it is to type!

The website says the notes in this fragrance are muguet, fig leaf, cedar, amber. Honestly, I’m not getting much from it other than the lily-of-the-valley, but I love it anyway. On first application, it’s a powerful green floral, pure lily-of-the-valley leaping out of the bottle and up your nose, and it’s lovely. After five minutes or so it loses the brightness and becomes creamier and warmer, and settles into a creamy, warm, green floral, then gradually fades away. None of these samples have lasted particularly well, and this one had pretty much disappeared after about 5 hours. I didn’t smell cedar, fig leaf or amber in this; it came across as very much a one-note fragrance. I love it though, and I definitely plan to buy a full bottle at some point.




30 minutes  – as above


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