Jo Love Perfume (and so do I), part 9: No42 The Flower Shop

This was the one I had been looking forward to the most; the smell of a florist’s shop is such a fantastic, green, mysterious smell. Lush used to do a dusting powder called Flower Market which smelled like a florist’s, but when they made it into a perfume it was harsh, didn’t smell the same, and brought me out in a rash.

The website says the notes are crushed green leaves, peonies, freesia and moss.  On first application, this is a very green scent – fresh green leaves, lightly floral underneath. After five minutes there were hints of white flowers, and after a couple of hours, freesia. Shortly after that, I stuck my wrist under a colleague’s nose and asked her what she thought, and she couldn’t detect a thing.

This is a delightful fragrance, perfectly capturing the florist’s shop smell. Ideal for spring and summer, it’s young and green and lovely. But like the majority of Jo Loves I have tried, the scent just doesn’t last on the skin.


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